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Version 5.6
Format AUVST
Compatibility CrusherX-MacMacOS X Intel
Licence Commercial Software
Price $194  /  179€
Updated On Feb 23, 2015
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Granular synthesis

CrusherX-Mac! is the pure and native AU (Audio Unit) and VST plugin version of crusherX-Live! for Apple Intel Mac Computer. Its powerful realtime granular vapor synthesizer algorithm enables you to synthesize very complex sounds and cool surround waves.

- 120 presets,
- stereo and 10 channel surround Plugin.
- Cool and unique Physical Modeling Fader Editor
- free assignable AU/VST realtime parameters
- real time MIDI control,
- quatization to host,
- Physical modelling X/Y controller.

An overall multidimensional morphing system morphs the sound between each parameter changes (e.g. on bank loading, on undo/redo). This creates clouds of sweeping, shifting and graining sounds. The morph time can be in the range of 1msec up to 1 hour!
Mac OS X v10.6 or higher.
CrusherX-Mac CrusherX-Mac v 5.6 Feb 23, 2015 MacOS X Intel
Add reset to the default/last imported/last loaded program functionality.
Add more than one controller to a single parameter. That allows e.g. the "reset" of a parameter with a different controller.
Add import button in assignment list that allows now merging from different assignment lists.
Enhance grain view to display the generator routing.
Enhance head room for X-Crush processing.
Enhance grain generator panning behavior.
Changed behavior on loading a crusher sheet so that file name is taken over as the preset name.
Fix several AIFF file loading problems.
Fix preset change bug for VSTs under Ableton Live.
Fix controller assignment bug under Ableton Live.
AccSone CrusherX-Mac CrusherX-Mac v 5.5 Dec 10, 2014 MacOS X Intel
Adds several new Surround Modes: 5.1 (ITU 775), 6.1 (ES/EX), 7.1 (3/4.1), 7.1 (SDDS), 8.1, 8.2, 9.1.
Adds true LFE sum-up for all generators in Surround Modes. No additional external mixing needed for LFE generation
Adds Output routing visualization for generators in the Cloud 3D window
Adds consistent stereo handling in different Stereo and Surround Modes
Enhances the morph engine to cover filter type changes. This enables smoother morphing effects on preset changes if filter type changes are involved
Adds Sync-To-Host feature. This enables parameter modulation synchronization to the hosts play-head position
Adds Length to Birth link feature that allows better manual control of the grain density
Adds more Feedback headroom
Optimizes the Feedback routing that allows feedback loops independent from the vaporizer input level
Fixes a bug that prevented on some hosts the storing of the UI layout if editor was not closed before the save
Minor UI layout tweaks
Adds Yosemite compatibility
Changes license agreement to allow copies of the full version on more than one computer
AccSone CrusherX-Mac v 5.3 Jul 9, 2014 MacOS X Intel
Add X-Crush parameter that does sound processing on the grain overlaps
fix crash on long grain lengths in combination with high MIDI note
fAU version is now loadable under Ableton Live.
surround CrusherX-Mac v 5.10 Mar 25, 2014 MacOS X Intel
Ports crusherX-Mac! to native 64bit, 32bit version is no longer supported
Adds longer grain delay and grain lengths up to 60sec due to 64bit support
Improves UX, enhance workflows and UI Skins
Adds background logic that provides usefull setting adjustments on changing parameters
Updates presets for multichannel output
Adds preset change and morphing feature (change presets via UI, MIDI and parameter)
Adds storage of control assignment window position
Adds standard menu popups for item selection
Fixes volume slider manual editing bug
Fixes save/load dialog bug
Fixes several crashes under Logic and Live
Improves install procedure to make it more flexible for the user
Reduces footprint by merging stereo and surround (3D) versions together
Reduces footprint of the program data (faster program loading)
sounds CrusherX-Mac v 4.22 Jan 4, 2013 MacOS X Intel
Remove windows layer bug running under Ableton Live
Free embedded windows out of the plugin frame
realtime CrusherX-Mac v 4.21 Dec 20, 2012 MacOS X Intel
We dramatically increased sound quality of pitch shift algorithm by introducing state of the art sample interpolation. And the best: You can switch live back to the old harsh crusher-X sound by just pressing a button.

Add advanced anti aliasing algorithm to improve sound quality on pitch shifting
Add advanced interpolation algorithm on DCOs
Add Aliasing button in vapor panel to switch back to vintage aliasing algorithm (like in older crusher versions)
Remove vapor buffer save dialog bug: Now .wav extension is added if wav format is chosen
AU version: Remove some wrong factory presets settings
physical CrusherX-Mac v 4.20 Nov 26, 2012 MacOS X Intel
Add wave buffer loading and saving (wav and aif file support)
Add over 140 meaningfull named and preassigned plugin parameters
Add sound windowing on start/stop vapor buffer trigger to prevent spikes
Add Cloud 3D window to view the grains in a sizable separated window
Add new GUI theme
Add wave buffer visualization in cloud 3D view (z-axis)
Add grain length visualization in cloud 3D view
GUI Cleanup, increase font size
Replace ? help signs by clickable panel headlines
Change direction of grain window scan from backward to forward (in case of using a file as a grain window it will now "windowed" in the right direction)
Increase controller assignment performance
Remove crash on extreme big vapor buffer sizes
Remove fast button press bug
Remove spline edit display and update bug
Remove some hint bugs
plugin CrusherX-Mac v 3.23 Nov 27, 2011 MacOS X Intel
Add Morph between presets
Add storage of bowl & speed on presets
Rework Surround Level Out Link strategy to prevent large unintended volume jumps on surround outputs (Reset surround volume fader if stereo volume fader is under -35db)
Remove DSP overload on preset change
Speedup fader wheel
Remove version number bug
Remove AU presets bug
download CrusherX-Mac v 3.10 Feb 1, 2011 MacOS X Intel
* Add virtual keyboard, keyboard panel and Midi Modes to support tuned granular effects
* Add Scala and Tuning File support
* Add Key indicator on grain view
* Add range buttons to speed faders
* Add CPU overload protection and CPU load display in grain view
* Add Keytune storing on non gated Midi-Modes
* Add Volume control possibility on peak meters including output volume control of all surround outputs
* Replace volume group buttons with stereo link buttons
* Add link of surround output control to stereo output
* Add DCO volume fader
* Rewire mixer to a better routing layout
* Rework AU-Plugins to support any kind of channel assignment (e.g. surround 5.1, 7.1)
* Remove Midi-Note-Off bug in parameter control
* Remove Parameter-Assignments from Undo Chain
* Highlight features in nag window (only Demo version)
* Fix Cloud Depth edit field bug
* Fix Key Aftertouch modulation bug
* Fix Morph Pause bug
* Fix Open File Dialog crash bug
mac CrusherX-Mac v 1.51 Sep 28, 2010 MacOS X Intel
* Change fonts, better readable on larger screens
* Fix installer bug
* Fix textedit input crash
* Add new skin "Night work"
* Edit help files
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