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Updated On Mar 16, 2010
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Utility for Pro Tools

The assemblerator is a tool for re-assembling audio tracks according to an audio EDL.
its principal purpose is to re-assemble nasty 16 bit AVID exported OMFs with nice clean 24 bit production audio.

you could think of it as being an all digital version of the digidesign Post Conform application.

the assemblerator supports CMX3600 EDLs and will assemble a running Pro Tools session.

the workflow is simple:
1. import the EDL/s representing the AVID audio tracks
2. select a soundroll from the 'rolls' table
3. put your protools cursor in a track containing all spotted audio for the soundroll
4. click the assemble button

the program will copy all the required edits for that soundroll and paste them onto a set of 5 (multi-channel) tracks below (Avid tracks 1-4 plus one spare)
check the edits against picture and then move on to the next soundroll.
Mac OS10.3 or greater on G4/G5 processor requires "access for assistive devices" in Universal Access preferences
assemblerator assemblerator v 1.0 Mar 16, 2010 MacOS X UB
Maggot Software
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