Category Audio Production / Plug-ins & effects
Version 1.0
Format AU
Compatibility FlangerMacOS X UB
License Freeware
Price Free
Updated On Apr 16, 2009
Total Downloads 835
Mac Downloads 835


Flanger, more Airwindows modulation magic for a really sweet, airy flange
Flanger Flanger v 1.0 Apr 16, 2009 MacOS X UB

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Other Software by Airwindows (18)

Virtual acoustic bass. Convolution modeling of acoustic bass
Virtual amps. Amps is all six Airwindows amp plugins for free. Buy Cabs or use them with a speaker convolution impulse- these are pre-speaker.
EQ. ChannelEQ is a basic four-band fixed-frequency EQ which passes bit-identical output when set flat
Chorus. Chorus, a taste of the Airwindows modulation effects for free
Overdrive. Density is a very warm overdrive. Warning, extremely high gain at high settings!
Doubler. Doubler, just what it says. Another slick Airwindows pitch-shifter freebie.
Overdrive. Drive, a gutsier, edgier overdrive.
Dual Mono Verbs
Dual Mono Reverbs. Dual Mono is unusual- it's not a realistic room sound, but it sits in the mix in a special way.
Reverb. FreeverbCJ, the ultimate Freeverb hack- adjust room size AND RT60 independently, not just RT60 labeled 'room size'
Mastering Tools
Mastering software. Mastering Tools is a Mac app built with REALbasic, reads uncompressed AIFF files (mono, stereo, 16, 24 or 32 bit) and produces 16 bit stereo AIFF files ready for...
Virtual Tesla Coil. Nikola, an attempt to do the sound of an audio Tesla Coil. NASTY!
Graphical RMS readout. RMSBuddyCJ, graphical RMS readout for easy reference on hot modern mastering levels
Sample delay. SampleDelay, the only sample delay with negative delay, allowing you to nudge things slightly ahead of the beat, as well as behind.
Repace a track with noise. Silhouette is a specialized plugin that takes a track and replaces it entirely with noise shaped to the exact dynamic profile of the track- use it to tell if you...
Stereo Chorus
Stereo chorus. Stereo Chorus, the stereo version of Chorus. Modulates both channels! Feed with mono or dual mono.
Vibrato. Vibrato, which can be set with vibratos so fast it becomes ring modulation, and can do two frequencies at once- try doing chimelike sounds or similar effects.
Wah pedal. Wah is the definitive Airwindows style plugin. It's a wah pedal. Unlike anything else in software- it sounds, feels and reacts like an analog wah pedal.
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