Category Audio Production / Experimental
Version 1.0.3
Format App
Compatibility utformaMacOS X UB
License Commercial Software
Price $38  /  33€
Updated On Aug 25, 2010
Total Downloads 218
Mac Downloads 218

Six channel audio manipulator

Standalone, six channel audio manipulator, for hardware synths, audio inserts, and anything else that can carry a sound signal.

used to create and design new sounds to expand and bring a new life to music and sound. all while doing it on-the-fly to bring out great results in anyones musical workflow.

effects and features included in [utforma]:
• six channel manipulation.
• six effects with mix controls for each channel.
- filter control.
- ring modulation.
- degrade.
- channel recorder/sampler.
- stereo delay, with flanger.
- stereo reverb.
• improved audio input/output selection.
• i/o, signal vector and sample rate selection.
• midi link between machinedrum and [utforma].
• sixty-four step sequence
• tempo link with step sequence.
• midi learn function.
Midi keyboard
utforma utforma v 1.0.3 Aug 25, 2010 MacOS X UB
  • inclusion of control of the samplers a/d/s/r and the start/end of the sample

  • extra little tit-bits
  • Smoking Bunny Productions utforma utforma v 1.0.2 Mar 17, 2010 MacOS X UB
  • midi device selection for each sampler.

  • master volume.

  • updated manual.

  • randomize automation/stepper

  • saving of automation.
  • Smoking Bunny Productions
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    version 1.0.2, MacOS X UB
    To celebrate the rising from winter, starting today and going throughout to the end of may.
    [utforma] will have a discount to any new buyers and users.
    currently just for mac, pc version will be released soon.
    have fun...

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