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Version 1.6
Format App
Compatibility AWareMacOS X UB
License Commercial Software
Price $25  /  23€
Updated On Jan 29, 2010
Total Downloads 808
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Extract audio from Yamaha AW4416, AW2816, and AW16G backup disks.

AWare extracts audio files from backup disks created by Yamaha Professional Audio Workstations.
All bit depths and sample rates native to the AW series are supported by AWare.

Features :
* Extracts audio tracks to uncompressed AIFF files.
* AW4416, AW2816, and AW16G backups can be extracted.
* Multi-Disk and Multi-Song backups are supported.
* 16 and 24 bit songs are supported.
* 44.1Khz and 48Khz sample rates are supported.
* Audio tracks will be in perfect sync when uploaded to a computer DAW.
* 50% (or more, depending on your computer) faster export than WAV EXPORT feature.
* All audio tracks, including virtual, can be exported.
* Audio tracks can easily be re-named before exporting.
# OSX 10.4, or higher. # PowerPC or Intel Mac.
AWare AWare v 1.6 Jan 29, 2010 MacOS X UB
1.) A HUGE bug that got introduced in v1.5, and rendered the software almost useless... That's what I get for not testing ALL case before release! :(
SillyMonkey Software AWare AWare v 1.3 Jul 27, 2009 MacOS X UB
1.) Issue with some AW16G songs not being read/ recognized properly.
2.) Issues with AW16G extraction if backup contained more than one song.
SillyMonkey Software AWare v 1.1 Feb 27, 2009 MacOS X UB
1.) Issue with noise on some 24 bit tracks
2.) Issue with clicks at beginnings of regions
3.) Issue with corrupt files on punch-in tracks
SillyMonkey Software
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