Category Audio Production / Virtual Instruments
Version alpha8
Format VST
Compatibility OgunMacOS X Intel
License Commercial Software
Price $79  /  72€
Updated On Oct 15, 2014
Total Downloads 309
Mac Downloads 33
Category Audio Production / Virtual Instruments
Version 1.0.24
Format VST
Compatibility OgunWindows
License Commercial Software
Price $79  /  72€
Updated On Feb 20, 2014
Total Downloads 309
PC Downloads 276

Additive synth

Ogun can produce exceptionally rich metallic and shimmering timbres, although it's not limited to this genre. Ogun's distinctive synthesis engine can generate more than 32,000 harmonics, modulated by high-level 'harmonic mapping' functions, that hand tonal control directly to the user.

Features :

- Massive additive synthesis engine (up to 32,767 harmonics).
- Realistic metallic timbres through harmonic randomization or timbre analysis (resynthesis).
- Fast, precise tonal shaping through multipoint envelopes (of Sytrus fame).
- Advanced Unison engine.
- XY modulation pad for live expressive control.
- Effects: Filter, Chorus, Delay, Reverb and EQ
- Space-saving GUI.
  • Windows XP/Vista
  • 2Ghz AMD or Intel Pentium 3 compatible CPU with full SSE1 support
  • 512 Mb RAM
  • 130 Mb disk space
  • Ogun Ogun v alpha8 Oct 15, 2014 MacOS X Intel
    Edison fixes:

  • mouse freeze problem

  • repaint problem while playback and scrolling

  • buttons paint problem

  • out of memory problem

  • Vocodex:
  • no audio in Live

  • Gross beat:
  • text sometimes missing
  • Ogun Ogun v 1.0.24 Feb 20, 2014 Windows
  • Fixed crash related to plugin editors in Reaper x64

  • Fixed loading in Reaper x64

  • Fixed demo noise crash (mainly x64)

  • Fix to continuous underruns

  • Edison: fixed freeze when trying to record in 64bit in demo mode

  • Harmor: fixed noise in 64bit version

  • Vocodex: fixed note on/off response when editor is closed

  • Updated standalone version
  • Image-Line Ogun Ogun v 1.1.10 Jul 25, 2013 Windows
    64 Bit in addition to the 32 Bit versions
    Image-Line Ogun v 1.1.6 Jul 11, 2011 Windows
  • fixed bug loading settings back

  • fixed editor behavior in some 64bit hosts

  • updated to reflect changes in FL Studio 10 versions
  • Image-Line
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