Category Audio Production / Virtual Instruments
Version 1.5
Format App
Compatibility chillMacOS X UB
License Commercial Software
Price $20  /  18€
Updated On Dec 17, 2009
Total Downloads 2,724
Mac Downloads 2,724

Generative Ambient Music Player

An application that plays unique ambient music 24/7 on your computer. You can listen to chill while you work, while you are trying to sleep, or when you are burning incense in your hot tub. You can also save songs to put on your iPod, burn to CD, or use in podcasts, music, or video productions.
Mac OS X 10.3.9
chill chill v 1.5 Dec 17, 2009 MacOS X UB
  • Drums & Percussion track

  • Space setting to adjust balance between acoustic and synthetic instruments

  • The Pulse control lets users set ranges of busy-ness

  • Stations to listen to or to use as the basis of new genres of music

  • Updated music algorithms, now with a much better sense of melody

  • Much better handling of pentatonic and whole tone scales (using the Octavian music theory engine)

  • German localization
  • Bitnotic chill chill v 1.0 Dec 5, 2008 MacOS X UB
    Official 1.0 Release
    iTunes integration for listening to songs on your iPod or burning to CD
    More musical music, including more complex harmonies, melodies, and scales
    Completely resequenced ambient sound effects
    Improved audio quality
    Bitnotic chill v 1.0b2 Jul 3, 2008 MacOS X UB
    Live MIDI Out
    Second melody instrument
    Pulse monitor
    music chill v 1.0b1 Apr 22, 2008 MacOS X UB
    Initial release.
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    version 1.0b2, MacOS X UB
    Générateur aleatoire de notes midi, branché au synthé Quicktime, c'est un peu…bof, MAIS grace à la fonction midi out, les 5 canaux midi + midi sync peuvent être envoyés sur, par exemple Reason.
    Et là ça peut devenir très interressant.

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