FL Studio

Category Audio Production / Sequencers
Version 11.0.2beta
Format App
Compatibility FL StudioMacOS X Intel
License Commercial Software
Price $99 - $299
87€ - 264€
Updated On Sep 5, 2013
Total Downloads 11,558
Mac Downloads 802
Category Audio Production / Sequencers
Version 12.4.2
Format App
Compatibility FL StudioWindows
License Commercial Software
Price $99 - $299
87€ - 264€
Updated On Apr 1, 2017
Total Downloads 11,558
PC Downloads 10,756

Music production environment

FL Studio 11 is a complete software music production environment, representing more than 14 years of innovative developments and our commitment to Lifetime Free Updates. Everything you need in one package to compose, arrange, record, edit, mix and master professional quality music.
FL Studio FL Studio v 11.0.2beta Sep 5, 2013 MacOS X Intel
We are pleased to announce the FL Studio Mac Public Beta is now available. This is a custom Crossover wrapped version of FL Studio for Mac OS X and so is bit-identical to the Windows installer.
FL Studio FL Studio v 12.4.2 Apr 1, 2017 Windows
FL Studio Mobile - plugin version updated
Razer Chroma - Support for Ornata Chroma
ZGameEditor Visualizer - New effect (scenes\RhodiumLiquidCarbon), shown in the image above.
Patcher - Added plugin favorites menu back
Copy and paste - text from warning and error messages (useful for support)
Saving and loading projects - Now faster. Shows progress while saving project.
Favorites - Tree view option for favorite plugin menus
Bugfixes - Many!
Image-Line FL Studio FL Studio v 12.4.1 Dec 24, 2016 Windows
Image-Line FL Studio v 12.4 Nov 12, 2016 Windows
Additions & changes:

Added FL Studio Mobile plugin
Rotate left/right in channel rack no longer opens the piano roll
Newtone: added buttons for pitch and warp modes
Razer Chrome: support for Naga Chroma mouse
Visualizer: now supports h264 video export (mp4) and FLAC audio
Visualizer: two new effects in new "Internal controllers" effect category
Visualizer: custom layer names are now used for parameter names
Visualizer: drag/drop to rearrange layers
Visualizer: support "side by side full" and "side by side half stereoscopic" modes


Crash when a plugin stretches samples
Plugin window positions are incorrect when loading project at different PPI
Stretch mode causes sample to be played at root pitch
FPC: doesn't remember full size when editor is collapsed
Newtone: crash when a sample is dragged to the plugin (x64)
Newtone: sample doesn't load
Panomatic: dB hint inaccuracy
Patcher: fixed crash when module window is open and Patcher window isn't
Transistor Bass: sequence changes when clicking above the area
Visualizer: using 10k lines as html doesn't reload correctly
Visualizer: internal controller knob settings are not persisted
Wrapper: fixed sending VST3 automation to UI when editor is hidden
music FL Studio v 12.2 Dec 17, 2015 Windows
· New vectorial interfaces - Updates for your favorite plugins (BeepMap, BooBass, EQUO, FL Keys, Fruit Kick, Big Clock, dB Meter, Delay 2, Delay Bank, Drumsynth Live, DX 10, Fast Dist, Flangus, Granulizer, LSD, Multiband Compressor, PanOMatic, Parametric EQ, Plucked!, Reeverb 2, Slicer, Soft Clipper, Soundfont Player, Stereo Enhancer, Stereo Shaper, Vocoder, WaveShaper, X-Y Controller)

· Harmor - 3 x tempo synced templates (2, 4 & 8 bars)

· New Content - 1650 one shot drum samples in Packs > Drums > Mode Audio (121 Claps, 47 Cymbals, 110 Foley, 353 Hats, 349 Kicks, 192 Percussion, 57 Rims, 26 SFX, 48 Shakers, 286 Snares, 61 Toms)

· FLAC export

· UI enhancements - Separate color and icon menu options for Playlist Tracks, Channel Rack buttons and Mixer Tracks

· Typing keyboard to piano - 15 new scale presets. Right-click the ‘Typing to piano’ icon.

· New demo projects - Winners & some finalists from the FL Studio Demo Contest in Projects > Song contests

· Many bugfixes - test and let us know if we missed your favorite bug (check the WhatsNew.rtf in the install folder first!)
environment FL Studio v 12.0.2 May 14, 2015 Windows

Wrapper: new option to determine what bit-size to load for a plugin
FL Studio ASIO: added "clip" option so live matches rendered sound at 16 Bit.


See the 'What's New' file in the FL Studio install folder or click here and read the list on the user forums.
production FL Studio v 12 Apr 22, 2015 Windows
Notable new features

Updated Editions with more value – FL Studio Fruity edition gains Automation Clips. Producer edition gains Sytrus & Maximus. Signature Bundle gains Harmless, Newtone, Gross Beat and Pitcher. Existing owners also get these great additions. See the complete feature comparison here.

Vectorial UI – FL Studio is now 100% vectorial allowing it to be used on 4, 5 or even 8K monitors with pin-sharp fidelity.

Mixer – Completely redesigned mixer, dynamically resizable with 6 layout styles plus 3-user configurable docking panels (left, centre and right) for track management. Multi-fader selection and adjustment. Improved mixer track grouping. Multi-touch support. 10 FX slots per track. Many new multi-track routing automated options. Enhanced grouping and submix functions. The dedicated ‘Send’ channels have been replaced with general purpose send tracks and added to the overall track-pool.

Updated plugins – 3xOSC, Edison, Formula Controller, Peak Controller, Keyboard Controller gain vectorial UIs. Envelope Controller (8 articulators, Mod X/Y envelopes & vectorial UI), Send (can now send to any mixer track & vectorial UI), Hardcore (new tube distortion effect & convolution based cabinet simulation), Patcher (Plugins open outside patcher. Auto patcherizing of existing plugins & multi-touch support). Fruity Convolver new impulse library by Soundiron. Finally, the Channel Settings are now integrated into the Wrapper. ZGameEditor Visualizer – Loads all popular video formats and gains 4K+ rendering.

Piano roll – Time markers added for labelling and looping purposes. Auto-zoom can now be switched off in the General Settings. Stamp tool replaces chord tool and allows users to click in chords from a selector. Macro to find overlapping notes.

Playlist – Drop multiple stems or Audio Clips on the Playlist from any Windows file browser.

Browser – Improved layout with user configurable category tabs (name and icon). The default categories include Files, Plugins and Current Project providing key content at a glance. Improved file management with Right-click delete options for most content.

Multi-touch support – Multi-touch has been extended to Mixer functions, Channel settings and Control Surface. Swap between Windows Multi-touch and FL Studio Multi-touch modes.

Improved 32 & 64 Bit VST plugin support – The wrapper has been redesigned to improve stability and compatibility. The FL Studio Plugin scan tool now allows unlimited VST search locations and quick favoriting.

...and many more. See the 'WhatsNew.rtf' document in the FL Studio 12 installation folder.
download FL Studio v 12beta5 Apr 13, 2015 Windows
mac FL Studio v 12beta4 Mar 17, 2015 Windows
I wanna be feature demo. Written and produced by Adam Szabo, Written, arranged and vocals by Johnny Norberg
Plugin scanner: can now use custom VST search paths. Drag plugins from the scanner list to open. Add or remove favorite plugins.
Download manager now opens interactive website
Additional demos: Raubana - LIFE, Agnivesh ft Avinash - Bahane Bana Kar. Chris Bulman & Sarju Jagai - No Escape. Jose M. Berroa/ Dr. N.D.A - LP700-4 . Nine Loops - Keep it Simple.
Many bugfixes as reported (you are reporting bugs aren't you?)
windows FL Studio v 12beta3 Feb 19, 2015 Windows
New Fruity Convolver impulse library by Soundiron
Hardcore new FX pedal (Tube drive)
Updated Elastique stretching engine
UI updates for some plugins
Control Surface: touch support
Control Surface: controls are freely sizeable
Plugins are found by ID as well as by filename
FL Studio vectorial UI improvements
Many bugfixes and enhancements as reported by users (too many to list).
macintosh FL Studio v 12beta2 Jan 21, 2015 Windows
FL Studio vectorial UI improvements
Most plugins now can be scaled to work on high DPI displays (all plugins will scale by launch).
Patcher plugins now open outside Patcher in Detached mode.
Hold SHIFT to patcherize plugins.
Many bugfixes and enhancements as reported by users (too many to list).
pc FL Studio v 11.1.1 Sep 10, 2014 Windows
What's New?

64bit version of speech engine
Added support for Novation Launch Control XL, Launchkey (performance)
Added support for Nektar Impact series


Fixed filenames of samples used by "Dance with me" project
Fixed crash stretching big audio clips
Fixed loading settings for some VST plugins (64bit)
DirectWave: fixed bugs exporting to FLM .instr files
DirectWave: fixed trigger group behaviour across programs
DirectWave: fixed temp folder usage when importing external formats
Patcher: fixed deletion of dropped files
Wrapper: fixed binary message data handling in VST3
Wrapper: fixed crash of bridged Play VST plugin
Wrapper: fixed volume of stereo to mono conversion
Wrapper: fix loading 32bit VST plugins
Wave Candy: fixed crash when using some metering modes
Wave Traveller: fixed loading settings (64bit)
ZGameEditor Visualizer: fixed visual issue + other minor bugs
Updated BassDrum, Drumaxx, DrumPad, Effector, GMS, Hardcore, MiniSynth, Pitcher, PoiZone, Sakura, Sawer and Toxic Biohazard
Updated FlowStone/SynthMaker to version 3.0.5
FL Studio v 11.1 Mar 29, 2014 Windows
Most plugins updated (bugfixes)
Image-Line Remote for Android (Google Play) and iOS (iTunes Apps) updated
MiniSynth free synth is included
FL Studio Mobile import updated
Launchpad lightshow mode added
DirectWave import support updated
Bugfixes as reported since the last version, FL Studio 11.0.4
FL Studio v 11.0.4 Nov 27, 2013 Windows
IL Remote support - IL Remote (soon to be released) is an Android & iOS programmable controller App for FL Studio & Deckadance 2.

Added support for the following controllers - Novation Launch Control, DJ TechTools Midi Fighter 3D, Electrix Tweaker, Livid VNTRL-R & Livid BASE

Updates & Bugfixes:

Newtone: Updated engine (bugfixes, works more like FL Piano roll & move around with arrow keys)
Control Surface: Fixed oversized sliders after saving and loading a preset or song
Edison: Fixed drag/drop to FL browser
Patcher: Various bugfixes
ReWired: Fixed bug hiding plugin editor. fix for device enumeration
Wrapper: Fixed keyboard input in some VST3 plugins, added context menu support for (some) VST 3.5 plugins.
FL Studio v 11.0.3 Aug 26, 2013 Windows

ReWired: added CC parameters
New CoolStuff demo songs: "RadioactiveSandwich - Homunculus", "Fuego96 - SayWhat", "Fuego96 - TimeFlies"

Bug fixes:

Over 38 squashed bugs covering FL Studio, the plugin wrapper and plugins (Control Surface, Direct Wave, Drumaxx, FPC, GMS, Harmor, Newtone, Patcher, Rewired, Video Player).
FL Studio v 11.0.2 May 23, 2013 Windows
Support for Livid OhmRGB.
Support for Behringer CMD LC-1
Benn Jordan (The Flashbulb) Cool Stuff project - Cassette Cafe

Fixed hint for time stretch wheel (low values)
Fixed slow rendering bugs
Fixed PPQ change bug
Remembers the state of the PR random tool's "patterns" checkbox
Fixed channel settings window showing up when loading projects
Patcher: fixed editor focus on double-click
Patcher: connection settings are now when an effect is dropped on a connection
Patcher: fixed request by plugin to load sample
DW 1.5.4: fixed import of FLM .instr files
Newtone: fixed passing strings with "foreign" characters to the engine
Newtone: fixed zooming modifiers (alt+scroll wheel)
Newtone: show param value popup when multiple items are selected
Newtone: new "Use beat marks" option for warp mode
Newtone: save .zpa and .zpw files to zipped loops
Wrapper: fixed relative knob behaviour for bridged plugins
Wrapper: fixed loading multiple instances of Waves VST3
Vocodex: fixed loading state of threaded checkbox
EQUO: fixed restoring state of Morph knob
Drumaxx: fixed changing assigned note for pads
BassDrum and GMS: various bug fixes
ZGEViz: updated/added some presets
Wave Traveller: fixed crash when loading a sample
Updated NewStuff & Zircon-Just hold on
FL Studio v 11 Apr 24, 2013 Windows
Notable New Features

  • Performance mode – Trigger Playlist Clips live using a mouse, touch screen, typing keyboard or MIDI controller. Supports APC20/40, Launchpad, Lemur, Block, Maschine/Mikro, padKONTROL, Traktor Kontrol (and more).

  • Multi-touch support - FL Studio and some plugins now respond to Multi-touch with Microsoft gesture functions supported.

  • Playlist - 199 Playlist tracks, increased from 99.

  • Linking includes MIDI input port - Links now remember the MIDI input port used to avoid conflict between controllers.

  • Playlist & Piano roll – Horizontal & vertical movement locking. Shift is horizontal lock & Ctrl is vertical lock when dragging items.

  • Piano roll - Glue notes, Mouse wheel velocity, Monophonic step entry mode & Chop chords tool.

  • Right-click data entry - Most controls now allow a Right-click option to type in values.

  • Plugin Picker - Right-click to open a plugin and its presets in the Browser. Start typing plugin names to highlight entries.

  • Mixer - Page Up/Down keyboard keys cycle through the current mixer track's plugin windows.

  • Options - Play truncated notes in clips restores notes overlapping slice points in Pattern Clips. Click and hold functions. GUI animation level now selectable from sober to entertaining.

  • New plug-ins
  • BassDrum – Deep Kick-Bass percussion synthesizer with sample layering. BassDrum was developed due to strong and loud customer demand for punchy kicks with a big bottom end. Our solution was to take a hybrid synthesis/sample route to provide unlimited customization for the perfect kick sound.

  • GMS (Groove Machine Synth) - Multi-timbral hybrid synthesizer & FX channel lifted from Groove Machine. Another plugin by popular demand.

  • Effector - 12 performance oriented effects: Distortion, Lo-Fi bit reduction, Flanging, Phasing, Filter (low/high pass), Delay, Reverb, Stereo panning & binaural effect, Gating, Granulizer, Vocal formant and Ring modulation effects. Effector was introduced to compliment Performance Mode and is perfect for use with multi-touch displays & controllers.

  • Patcher – Introduced with FL Studio 10 to provide a means of saving and recalling commonly used effects and plugin chains. It’s in the new section as, aside from being overhauled with animated connections and a fresh interface, patcher has gained two, of many more to come, Voice Effects (VFX).

  • VFX Key Mapper – Allows note inputs, live or from the Piano roll, to be transposed, keychanged, chorded or creatively remapped.

  • VFX Color Mapper – Leverages FL Studio’s 16 Piano roll note colors that have traditionally mapped to MIDI channels. Now inside Patcher note colors can control 16 independent generators/instruments or groups of generators.

  • Updated plug-ins
  • FL Flowstone - Flowstone is the successor to the original Synthmaker program. Now including the Ruby high level programming language. Not only can you still create Synths, Effects but also control external hardware with support for USB devices, I/O cards, Wi-Fi, webcams and audio hardware. It’s true… connected to the right robot, FL Studio is the first DAW in the world that can now make you a coffee!

  • Newtone 2 – Has been completely re-written with a new analysis and pitch engine for more accuracy, while also brushing up the workflow. Shortcuts & mouse actions now harmonize with FL Studio’s Piano roll and Playlist, where possible. Most exciting are the new Vibrato and Warp editors. The Vibrato editor allows users to create vibrato effects from scratch with controls including start/end amount and frequency. The editor even detects existing vibrato and displays this value so users can match the singers natural tendency, if desired. The Warp editor is designed to work with mono or polyphonic material and is perfect for slicing and re-timing/quantizing drum-loops, vocal performances and is great for sounddesign experimentation. Importantly, Newtone 2 is a free update for existing customers.

  • Harmor – Rising star of the Electro and Dubstep scene, voted in the top 10 plugins of 2013 by MusicRadar readers, now supports Komplexer WT wavetables & 'Map audio regions to keys' for sampler like functionality and auto-dump to score for Slicex like drum handling. The preset count continues to rise too as patches keep flooding in from the thriving user base.

  • ZGameEditor Visualizer – Based on the free open source ZGameEditor that can be used to create 2D & 3D video game style visualization objects for the plugin. ZGE Visualizer can create real-time or rendered HD video effects in automated or automatic sync with FL Studio projects to support live performances or YouTube videos. Under FL Studio 11 the plugin receives a slew of new shadier modules for stunning HD video effects.

  • DirectWave - Added multi-timbral mode to the FL native version so you can load and play more than one patch from note colors in the Piano roll. There’s also a new live 16 point sincinterpolation mode for lower CPU usage when using DirectWave in multi-timbral mode.
  • FL Studio v 10.8beta Oct 2, 2012 Windows
    Playlist - Playlist track count increased to 199 (up from 99).
    Content Library & Downloaded - Option to show Content Library as a tab in the Downloader.
    New fonts & Animations - Check the General Options for 'Animations' to change their prevalence.
    Bugfixes - Lots.
    FL Studio v 10.6.1beta Aug 8, 2012 Windows
    Multi-touch support - FL Studio (and some plugins) now respond to Multitouch. If you want to get involved in multi-touch testing and development click here.
    Debugging code - This version contains code to help us track any bugs deep in the code. When you close FL Studio you may see a pop-up window reporting things such as 'memory leaks'. If you see this please report here.
    BassDrum - BassDrum is (not surprisingly) a Kick/Bass percussion synthesizer with sample layering.
    GrooveMachine Synth - 1 x Synth & FX unit from Groove Machine.
    Plugin picker - Right-click to open a plugin and its presets in the Browser.
    Harmor - Now supports Komplexer WT wavetables & 'Map audio regions to keys' with auto-dump to score for Slicex like drum handling
    FL Studio v 10.6beta Jul 17, 2012 Windows
    Multi-touch support - FL Studio (and some plugins) now respond to Multitouch on Windows 7 or higher.
    BassDrum - BassDrum is a Kick/Bass percussion synthesizer with sample layering.
    GrooveMachine Synth - By popular demand, the synth & FX section from Groove Machine now as an independent plugin.
    Plugin picker - Right-click to open a plugin and its presets in the Browser.
    Harmor - Now supports Komplexer WT wavetables & 'Map audio regions to keys' with auto-dump to score for Slicex like drum handling.
    Debugging code - This version contains code to help us track any bugs deep in the code. When you close FL Studio you may see a pop-up window reporting things such as 'memory leaks'. If you see any of these messages please report here and let us know.
    FL Studio v 10.5beta Apr 17, 2012 Windows
    Performance Mode - Trigger Clips using your mouse, touch screen, typing keyboard or MIDI controller.
    New controllers supported - APC20/40, Launchpad, Block, MASCHINE / MASCHINE MIKRO, padKONTROL
    Unique controller MIDI input port - Controllers can now be assigned unique input & output ports for feedback.
    Linking includes MIDI input port - Links now use MIDI input ports to avoid conflict between controllers
    New Content Library - The content library has received a complete overhaul based on user input.
    Options > Project general settings > Play truncated notes in clips - Restores notes overlapping slice points in Pattern Clips.
    Horizontal/Vertical movement locking - Shift (horizontal lock) & Ctrl (vertical lock) when moving items.
    Piano roll click & hold functions - Glue notes, Mouse wheel velocity change, Mouse wheel tool select.
    Piano roll - Brush tool: Monophonic step mode (hold shift for old behavior). Chop chords: Strum & Articulate tools.
    Improved Tap Tempo & Fine control - Updated algorithm + nudge control for Performance Mode.
    Instrument Channels - Ctrl+mouse wheel on Channel button to change the mixer track.
    Stay open sub-menus - Right click to check several menu items without closing them.
    Plugin Picker - Start typing plugin names to highlight entries.
    Right-click data enter - Most controls now allow a Right-click option to type in values.
    FL Studio v 10.0.9 Nov 24, 2011 Windows
    FL Synthmaker 2
    Harmor update
    Patcher update
    FPC update
    Fruity Vibrator update
    Help file update
    FL Studio v 10.0.8 Sep 15, 2011 Windows
    Env editor: envelope loops don't need a sustain point anymore.
    Smooth point modes now in all plugins.
    New "Song start" marker type.
    DirectWave: Import and export FL Mobile .instr files
    FPC: Export FL Mobile .instr files

    Fixed bug in automation of channel arpeggiator chord selector.
    Fixed rare bug in Maximus.
    Fixed bug in conversion of step seq to piano roll while playing in song mode.
    Fixed some possible problems with extended memory in plugins.
    DirectWave: Fixed bug loading some samples from FL Mobile in player mode
    DirectWave: Fixed crash loading specific .sfz files
    Wrapper: Fixed disconnecting some plugin parts when deleting VST3 plugins
    Patcher: Fixed bug increasing GDI object count
    ReWired: Fixed problem loading plugin with "smart disable"
    ZGE: Some bugfixes
    FL Studio v 10.0.2 May 20, 2011 Windows
    [10.0.2 final]
  • zge: new version, new scripts

  • FL mobile add updated

  • Patcher: fixed crash related to voice release/kill from plugin

  • [10.0.2 RC5]
  • added FL Mobile .url file

  • newtone: fixed visual update of param wheels

  • zge: new version

  • FL Mobile add in setup

  • [10.0.2 RC4]
  • new FLEngine

  • patcher: fixed pitch wheel response, freeze when closing ZGE, voice deletion when removing plugin

  • [10.0.2 RC3]
  • wrapper: fixed parameter name bug

  • installer: include latest dsp_ipp.dll

  • [10.0.2 RC2]
  • new help file

  • new FLEngine

  • + fixed possible hang in undo when using interfaceless VST1 plugins
    + fixed wrong tempo exported in rendered projects after messing with steps per beat setting
    + reversed behavior when left/right clicking on mixer arming button
  • FL VSTi: fixed freeze in Cubase when exporting to audio

  • [10.0.2 RC1]
  • changed patcher thumbnails

  • added auraqualic "data" song

  • new FLEngine:

  • + fixed integer overflow bug
    + fixed note properties not always selected when clicking on notes
    + use different charset to let Japanese characters display correctly
  • new FL Keys wavetable, default preset

  • Patcher: bugfixes (see whatsnew)

  • resaved DW presets in Data\Patches\Packs to use relative filenames

  • fixed start menu entries for other users when installing "for all users"

  • new help file and fd.chm

  • Newtone: fixed crash when using undo

  • FPC: fixed unmuting pads
  • FL Studio v 10.0 Mar 30, 2011 Windows
  • New project browser.

  • Patcher plugin.

  • ZGameEditor Visualizer plugin.

  • Bugfixes:
  • Fixed problem with sidechain selectors in Vocodex.

  • Fixed tiny bug in envelope filter tool.

  • Fixed rendering start time problem.

  • Fixed small bug on playlist loop marker deletion.

  • Fixed bug when deleting playlist clips through their menu.

  • Fixed bug when undoing recording of audio+piano roll when there were no notes yet.

  • Fixed crash when sending presets directly to plugin window in some rare cases.

  • Fixed bug in Fruity Love Philter's waveshaper.

  • Fixed sample browser's hot hint minor bug.

  • Fixed bug in Fruity Convolver's own smart disabling.

  • Slicex & Fruity Convolver now store local filenames (avoiding searching).

  • Audio clip positions now snapped to samples (better for linear interpolator).

  • FL VSTi: fixed crash on close in other hosts.

  • DirectWave: improved sfz import.

  • Fixed bug in playlist song loop marker when piano roll pops up.

  • Bugfix in Riff Machine's randomization.
  • FL Studio v 9.8beta Feb 9, 2011 Windows
    (update 6)
  • newtone: fixed meters not updating

  • newtone: fixed display bug resizing notes

  • newtone: fixed editor size after closing/reopening editor

  • wrapper: fixed sending midi from bridged plugin to FL (bug using Thesys plugin)

  • updated slicex

  • (update 5)
  • fixed saving of settings in bridged plugins

  • made change that should fix endless knob behaviour

  • (update 4)
  • fixed timeout check for bridged plugins

  • (update 3)
  • changed loading of bridged plugins (shouldn't time out as much, couldn't verify)

  • (update 2)
  • fixed sidechaining in Vocodex

  • updated Wave Candy

  • (update 1)
  • updated help file

  • fixed Newtone expiration issue

  • fixed NewStuff song to load Pitcher correctly

  • fixed Edison artwork
  • FL Studio v 9.8 Jan 18, 2011 Windows
    (update 2)
  • fixed sidechaining in Vocodex

  • updated Wave Candy

  • (update 1)
  • updated help file

  • fixed Newtone expiration issue

  • fixed NewStuff song to load Pitcher correctly

  • fixed Edison artwork
  • FL Studio v 9.6.1beta Oct 8, 2010 Windows
    # Fixed crash when "Split by channel" while PR is open.
    # Fixed vel mapping not updating when "resetting" it.
    # Fixed broken View->Browser menu items.
    # Fixed stuff related to song loop marker.

    # New playback/preview tool in playlist (alt+right click).
    FL Studio v 9.5beta Jul 15, 2010 Windows
    FL Studio 9.5 beta incorporates a number of enhancements and new features based on ongoing development and customer input. These include:

    Notable changes & improvements:
    * Larger mixer view & waveform metering - The Mixer View options include 'Wide tracks' and 'Waveforms'.
    * Individually sizable Playlist tracks - Any or all Playlist tracks can now be resized by dragging on the divider between the name areas. Individual tracks can also be locked at a desired size.
    * Live Playlist marker types - Playlist markers can be set to Loop, Pause or Skip for innovative live performances.
    * 64 bit plugin support - The Wrapper now automatically detects 64 bit plugins and opens them in 64 Bit 'Bridged' mode.
    * Improved memory management - Two changes have been made to lower demands on FL Studio's memory allocation.
    o 64 Bit & 32 Bit VST plugins can be opened in 'Bridged' mode that runs the plugin and its memory allocation in a separate process.
    o Audio Clips & Sampler Channels Keep on disk option now opens the sample in a separate memory allocation.
    * Improved audio options - ASIO: 'Mix in bufferswitch' and 'Triple buffer' may improve performance with some ASIO drivers. ASIO/DirectSound: Revised 'Playback tracking' options to help with alignment of visual feedback with audio where problems exist.
    * Fully automatic PDC - The default for new projects, automatic Plugin Delay Compensation updates the PDC settings when changes are detected.
    * Piano roll transport control - Editing in the Piano roll while in Song mode will now move the Playlist transport in sync with the Piano roll.
    * Piano roll - Rounded notes view.
    * Ctrl+B - Duplicate selection, zoom range or all (no selection) in the Playlist and Piano roll.
    FL Studio v 9.0.3 Dec 15, 2009 Windows
    Additions 9.0.3 :

    * VST3 plugin support
    * Dashboard: added "send pitch bend range" option
    * Wrapper: added pitch bend range selection field
    * Wrapper: added support for Presonus parameter menu interface
    * Added 'Sidechain to this track only' option in mixer.

    * Added 'Create submix to' option in mixer.
    * Added 'Override generic link...' to knob popup menu.
    * Slightly improved Sytrus rendering quality.
    * Double-clicking a playlist track edits its mostly used clip.
    * Speeded up refresh of multidirectional playlist scrolling.
    * Wrapper: added option to disable threaded processing for a specific plugin, applies to any new instance of that plugin
    * FPC: added random triggering of overlapping layers
    * FPC: added DW program file import
    * DirectWave: added trigger groups
    * DirectWave: searches for samples in subfolder with the program's name when loading a .dwp
    * FPC: pad menu now shows banks in separate columns instead of submenus
    * FPC: updated DW import
    * FPC: use improved randomization method
    * DirectWave: increased max size of zone and program name to 128
    * DirectWave: implemented new save/restore routine, unified across FL/VST and dwp/dwb
    * Downloader: options window is now integrated in content library window
    * Downloader: clicking an cd/category will open or close it (no double-click necessary)

    Bugfixes 9.0.3:

    * Fixed window focus problem when dropping MIDI files onto a piano
    * Fixed problem when creating automation clips for channel parameters
    * Fixed timeline scroll bug
    * Fixed patterns listed in inverted order in the step sequencer
    * Downloader: fixed showing downloader for effect plugins
    * Downloader: fixed update process
    * Synthmaker: corrected an issue with exported FL plugins where the plugin wasn't fully instantiated until the GUI was opened
    * Synthmaker: fixed a bug that prevented sysex from being received from an external MIDI device


    * Fixed minor bug when right-clicking mini piano roll view for immediate jump
    * Fixed minor browser bug.
    * Kb preview now works better as notes are released
    * Changed priority stuff when background rendering.
    * Fixed bug loading old projects with internal controllers in sends.
    * Fixed crash in Edison's scratching tool.
    * Fixed possible hang when using remote control with smoothing enabled.
    * FPC: fixed issue cutting preview voices
    * Wrapper: don't respond to "update display" messages during saving
    * Wrapper: input names were sometimes shortened
    * Wrapper: fixed deadlock when i/o changed
    * Fixed little Delphi memory leak.
    * Fixed crash in Fruity Stereo Shaper when both delay & phase were in use.
    * Wrapper: rewrote small part of DX plugin initialization
    * Wrapper: fixed loading old DX plugin state if plugin wasn't found
    * FPC: pad volume wheel resets to 100% instead of 0%
    * FPC: mute button now works correctly if there are multiple pads triggered
    * FPC: deleting a layer would delete two instead of one
    * Downloader: custom download location wasn't used in some situations
    * Video Player: fixed "Ignore tempo changes"
    * DirectWave: fixed crash in VST sampling because of buffer overflow
    * DirectWave: read sample position offset fields from sf2 file
    * DirectWave: fixed zone voice count display
    * DirectWave: fixed visual representation of program
    FL Studio v 8.5beta4 Jun 4, 2009 Windows
    Here are the issues fixed between beta 3 & beta 4:

    * Updated to LAME 3.98.2.
    * Improved playlist mouse wheel scrolling.
    * Right-clicking the playlist clip focus button brings a list of either audio, automation or pattern clip sources.
    * Improved "split mixer tracks" rendering filename management.
    * Edison: new "natural weighting" & improved "natural scale" for better spectral display, as well as new (slow) high quality mode that brings both time & frequency accuracy (especially in natural scale mode).
    * PEQ2, Wave Candy & FL now use natural weighting for their spectral display.
    * Added note helping lines in piano roll when notes are played.
    * Improve envelope editor's envelope smoothing tool & decimation tool.
    * New envelope filter tool in envelope editor.
    * Wave Candy: improved scale feature, and added piano kb helper to spectral display.
    * Fruity Reeverb 2: added option to process side.
    * Improved mixer's input "automap" feature (doesn't map mono inputs, and doesn't route them to master to avoid feedback).
    * Updated scripting engine used by Edison scripts (should allow VB scripts now).
    * Wrapper: now reports the sound device's i/o latency to the plugin
    * FPC: layer shows newly added item (i.e. scrolls to it)
    * FL Keys: high notes are now always decayed on release, instead of released immediately

  • Implemented & removed:

  • * Right-clicking playlist items no longer deletes them (hold halt to do so). (thrown, user complaints)
    * Can now middle-click working area to "pan" plugin windows (ONLY plugins, as it's designed for oversized VST's). (thrown, too many annoyances)

    * Wave Candy: Auto visual mode state now properly restored, some other bugfixes.
    * Slit pattern by channel now preserves pattern's beats per bar setting.
    * Fixed some common window-related weirdness (windows covering others while they shouldn't, etc).
    * Fixed troubles with snapping grid with specific PPQ settings.
    * Fixed minor bug in envelope smoothing tool.
    * Edison: fixed problem when reloading a state that had envelopes not mixed down.
    * Fixed problem with FL's hint bar sometimes not refreshing when loading things.

    * added control to set maximum release time for sampled notes
    * implemented new downloader interface, modeless
    * click on empty area in scrollbar(s) to go to that position
    * Updated CT dll
    * Reduced max polyphony to 256 to reduce cpu usage when idle
    * cache results of product code registration check to speed it up a bit
    * implemented ilreg system
    * improved filter speed
    * only filter when filter text is at least 3 characters
    * Implemented delete, move up and move down for items in manager's list
    * ToxicBio, Sawer and Morphine downloads can now also be downloaded from the selector (if the plugin is installed!)
    * improved "last view" behaviour a little bit
    * flush plugin if a sampled note didn't reach silence
    * all zone parameters are now changed for all selected zones, when "current selection" switch is on
    * mod reset now works for multiple selected zones
    * fixed the way a soundfont property was counted on import
    * Overwrite existing wave files when sampling a vst (but only .wav files)
    * make sure the samplerate is sent to the plugin before processing a vst plugin
    * DW no longer steals keyboard focus, except for edit controls
    * Loading a DWB file now tries to load a sample from file if it's not in the DWB
    * DWB files now save a reference to the file instead of the sample data when total recall is off
    * fixed acm import - sample length wasn't adjusted after conversion (was sometimes less than predicted)
    * Fixed mouse position inaccuracy for pitch bend and mod sliders (multi tab)
    * put critical section for sample preview slightly earlier

    * store location in global registry during installation, instead of just in local registry
    * fixed some crashes when the downloader couldn't find the download dll
    * selection window now has minimum size
    * fixed bug that caused downloads to start again after being finished
    * fixed download location calculation in manager

    * Ampersand was shown as a shortcut underline in the options window (info section)
    * Fixed a bug loading Arturia AnalogFactory settings
    * midi port changes after a plugin was dragged didn't make the wrapper ask the host to enable midi input
    * Added code to load shell plugins from different filename than when they were saved
    * use different way to determine if a plugin is VST1 or not
    * removed first check for value of FruityPlug in UpdateSize to make sure editor size is updated when loading the plugin fails
    * don't get parameter labels and value for shell plugin (waveshell) to prevent crash
    * fixed buffer (effect version) now doesn't zero output buffer and takes into account plugins without inputs
    * fixed assumption that an effect would have inputs
    * "onlysavefirstprogram" workaround for Blood Overdrive and Compressor is now used for all VST1 plugins
    FL Studio v 8.0.2 Feb 26, 2009 Windows
  • New Slicex drumloop slicing generator plugin.

  • New SynthMaker modular environment.

  • FL finally supports MIDI SysEx input, and handles basic MMC functions.

  • Added error message at startup when MMX or SSE1 is not found.

  • Cleartype not forced on anymore for mixer labels for Win9X platforms.

  • Right-clicking splitters (browser, piano roll, playlist) for spare position.

  • Project browser: can show/hide plugin editors from the generators/effects folders.

  • Generator smart disable is now compatible with threaded rendering.

  • Added mouse wheel support to popup menus & combo selectors.

  • Added some extra mouse buttons support.

  • Added (manual) plugin editor thumbnails to project browser.

  • Sinc interpolator now faster (64point sinc now usable realtime).

  • New slope modes for LP/HP/LS/Peak/HS bands in Parametric EQ 2 plugin.

  • New 'multilink' option for quicker remote control assignment & creation of multiple automation clips.

  • Added 'Edit whole mapping' to Remote control part of the project browser.

  • Optional stereo waveform display in playlist.

  • Re-implemented CME UF keyboard support (although MIDI feedback sometimes makes no sense).

  • Parameter smoothing now works for relative knobs or other incremental MIDI controls too.

  • Improved parameter smoothing.

  • Can now define absolute increment steps in MIDI remote control window.

  • Playlist->Edit->Shift left/right now works for audio clips too (including using control surface jogs).

  • Added full support for the Mackie Control Universal.

  • Improved support for some controllers.

  • Improved 'undo knob tweaks' to support tweaking several parameters at once without slowing down.

  • Love Philter: piano keys assigned to patterns.

  • Tweaking controls on VST(i)s now show a hint message in FL's hint bar (when possible).

  • Wave Candy: fixed some bugs & added Vista window background blur.

  • Updated to LAME 3.97.

  • Improved latency compensation 'Set from' option.

  • Rendering with latency compensation.

  • Added slip editing in playlist clips, as well as little changes in resizing tools.

  • Improved accuracy of MIDI input recording under high GUI CPU load.

  • Can now move effect slots around using the mouse wheel.

  • FL (& some FL plugins) now support .ogg format.

  • Introducing 'Selected' mixer track, to which the selected mixer track is routed, and in which you place visual effects or a recording Edison.

  • Ctrl+E to quickly open an audio editor in a mixer track, or Shift+E to open an audio logger.

  • Added score logging feature, not to miss scored played while testing.

  • Piano roll: added 'Select at random' to select 10% random notes, for variations.

  • Playlist: clip source selection now in titlebar, and clips panel now on top by default.

  • One-click audio recording now prompts to record in Edison.

  • Improved RAM usage meter for some systems.

  • Can now resize multiple playlist clips at once.

  • Caps lock function changed to allow resizing of notes from left side in piano roll.

  • Added recording filter (right-click record button).

  • Newbie enhancement: snapping is on by default.

  • Newbie enhancement: browser snapshot now defaults to slot 1.

  • Newbie enhancement: window menu icons replaced by holly down arrows.

  • New spectral view in monitor panel.

  • DrumSynth: added call to SendPatchToEngine to Voice_Release, to temporarily fix a release problem when multiple voices are active

  • Automation now displayed in pattern clips, improved event editor display.

  • Channels in piano roll channel selector are now sorted by channel group.

  • New list of available patterns when right-clicking the pattern selector.

  • Patterns named '-pattern name' now act as separators in lists.

  • Added OGG Vorbis rendering target.

  • Added randomize & humanize to multilink menu.

  • Default audio device changed to ASIO4ALL.

  • Newly-recorded patterns now added as pattern clips (when in song mode).

  • Fruity DX10: mod init and sustain calculations now also take samplerate into account

  • Changed piano roll keyboard modifiers a little (see help file) to add a new SHIFT+click to add note in resize mode.

  • Added 'Send previous/next to selected channel' option in browser. Works well with extra mouse buttons too.

  • Default peak meters scale bottom changed to -70dB, alternate scale down to -50dB.

  • Introducing FL-chan in wallpapers.

  • Newbie enhancement: 'save as' icon blinks once 5min after the last save, then each 30sec after 10min.

  • Changed generator multithreaded processing method a little.

  • Adapted wav file loader for more bad interpretations of a bad format.

  • Mapped incoming "all notes off" MIDI message to panic.

  • Removed obsolete '16.8' version of the 32Bit wav rendering.

  • Edison:
  • EQ, blur & reverb tools now remember their envelope editor settings.

  • unselects when live selection is too short (<150ms), and added live selection as published parameter.

  • new fancy waveform display mode, and option to export display to bitmap file.

  • added stereo waveform display.

  • new slave sync, pause button, transport active when not playing, support for control surfaces and keyboard

  • input (to slice or for sampler preview).

  • can now link notes to markers/regions (for use in Fruity Slicer).

  • added "Undo mix (spectral)" and "Paste mix (spectral)" features.

  • added keyboard (to note or to slice) preview.

  • added 'quick rename (all)' option to rename all regions to drum names.

  • Edison & Sytrus now captionize themselves when starting a sample drag.

  • new Tools->Send to playlist as audio clip, to send the clip to the playlist at selection, linked to the same mixer track as Edison.

  • new drum(loop) stretching tool (& paste replace (drum)), with improved gaps filling.

  • CTRL+DRAG drums from one instance to another, to replace drums in a loop with drums from another loop.

  • slide option now works on markers/regions too.

  • hold right-shift to move markers more accurately (temporary zoom).

  • New phase editing feature in Edison's EQ.

  • Added middle note & score detection

  • Improved smoothness when recording for several minutes

  • new 'dual view' mode showing both waveform & spectrum.

  • added tools->sequencing->send to selected channel, to quickly send audio to the selected channel without dragging (mainly for Fruity Slicer).

  • Changed spectral display's windowing to Kaiser.

  • new support for region types, and grid aligned to first downbeat marker.

  • new tempo detector that gives better results for fixed-tempo songs.

  • added 'Time format' menu to display time regardless of the grid mode.

  • Dashboard:
  • fixed scroller freeze issue

  • edit string dialog now pops up on correct screen

  • "send value" for patch control no longer generates an exception

  • messages are no longer added to a buffer to be sent during processing

  • FPC:
  • invalidate synthpanel on resize, to avoid graphical glitch when resizing the editor with "Show window

  • contents while dragging" off in Windows

  • mouse wheel now changes pad

  • some cosmetic changes

  • pan envelope is now bipolar

  • fixed some save dialog glitches.

  • fixed envelope handling.

  • added wave preview in open dialog.

  • small UI changes

  • better behaviour when samples are missing

  • changed direction for changing pads from mouse wheel

  • fixed midi loop loading, it now takes into accounts the steps per beat

  • Video Player:
  • do nothing in TVideoViewer.AcceptMediaSample to prevent creeping cpu usage

  • moved position updates from Process to Idle function, to save some cpu usage

  • detached video will now keep playing if the plugin editor window is hidden

  • added "Ignore tempo changes" option

  • fix to prevent rising cpu usage.

  • "render fast" is now the default

  • Fruity Wrapper:
  • "Export all programs as Cubase presets" saved the current program in every file

  • fixed new implementation of ProcessParam to avoid "integer overflow" exception when adding an automation clip

  • added hint when plugin parameter changes

  • some fixes in ProcessParam

  • now flushes plugin (inactive/active) in the PlugIOChanged callback

  • don't send "all note off" message for effects

  • the fixed size output buffer for effects are now initialized to zero before processing

  • now call AllocBuffers when the blocksize changes

  • renamed menu items for saving/loading fst and fxb files to "VST" instead of "Cubase"

  • added "Send note off velocity" option

  • implemented support for sysex messages sent by the plugin (untested)

  • let FL re-read key names when updateDisplay message is received from VST plugin

  • DirectWave:
  • fixed bug showing save program dialogs

  • added file compatibility options to (global) options dialog

  • "gain" control on zone tab now defaults to 0.0dB again

  • "gain" control on zone tab is now multiplied to the volume instead of added

  • updated downloader implementation

  • double-click on zone (or zone index) now opens sample tab

  • now need to right-click on sample scroll bar to zoom

  • fixed drag&drop crash

  • made library scan (for popup menu) a lot faster

  • fixed browser resizing from config dlg

  • fixed behaviour of browser expansion with multiple instances

  • changed volume and velocity implementation

  • re-implemented soundfont support, now supports 24bit soundfonts

  • fixed resizing in FL version, made it more spec-compliant in VSTi version

  • some VST specific improvements

  • fixed crash in VSTi when opening/closing browser because of incorrect FL version check

  • effect switches on the zone page now also act according to the "global" switch

  • improved demo mode save/restore for VSTi version

  • fixed window size bug (browser open/closed) when opening editor

  • fixed ogg import, made it use 32bit float samples instead of 16bit int

  • restructured files, recompiled

  • fixed "full range" behaviour for selectors

  • (Bug)fixes :
  • Bugfix in envelope point snapping.

  • Bugfix in Sytrus unison sub.

  • Bugfix: quick quantize no longer resizes playlist clips.

  • Bugfix in stretching engine.

  • Bugfix in monophonic mode combined with Fruity Slicer plugin.

  • Little bugfix in Edison's looping tool & trimming option.

  • Little bugfix in Sytrus envelope release combined with sustain level.

  • Fixed weird bug importing corrupted playlist data from FL6 projects.

  • Fixed keystrokes not getting to FL when mixer was detached & focused.

  • Fixed strange bug with ASIO.

  • Fixed little bug when reordering mixer tracks.

  • Fixed crash when closing FL while project browser was open.

  • Fixed tiny browser bug.

  • Fixed bug in WaveShaper & Sytrus bipolar to unipolar mapping conversion.

  • Fixed rare arpeggiator bug.

  • Fixed problem loading some VST 2.4 plugins.

  • Fixed crash in Vista when Data Execution Prevention is on

  • Fixed some possible deadlocks when MIDI-controlling parameters.

  • Fixed little bug in Fruity Slicer's note dump.

  • Fixed little problem in MIDI input window.

  • Fixed big bug in wav file loader when regions have comments.

  • Fixed thread-locking issue with multiple smoothed up remote control combined with visible project browser and knob tweak undo enabled.
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