Category Audio Production / Virtual Instruments
Version 1.0.1
Format VST
Compatibility VintagerMacOS X UB
License Freeware
Price Free
Updated On Sep 7, 2007
Total Downloads 9,154
Mac Downloads 6,428
Category Audio Production / Virtual Instruments
Version 1.5.1
Format VST
Compatibility VintagerWindows
License Freeware
Price Free
Updated On Sep 7, 2007
Total Downloads 9,154
PC Downloads 2,726

Virtual analog synthesizer

Vintager is a simple to use monophonic vst instrument with the functional range and sound of classic analog synths. A good sounding non linear modelled 24dB lowpass filter, three bandlimited oscillators and accurate envelopes are the heart of this synth.

This synth is suitable for all kind of typical analog sounds even percussion sounds. Also sounds that are based on the self oscillation of the filter are possible and opens a wide range of sound effects.

- two oscillators with FM and PW (saw, pulse, triangle, sine, noise)
- sub oscillator (rectangle, two octaves deeper)
- 24dB low pass filter with self oscillation
- two precise non linear envelopes (filter, amplitude)
- two lfo's with five different waveforms to modulate filer, pitch, fm and pw
- portamento (three different modes)
- midi learn for all potis
- 20 different presets (bass, leads, effects, percussion)
- all sample rates supported
- low CPU
Vintager Vintager v 1.0.1 Sep 7, 2007 MacOS X UB
Vintager Vintager v 1.5.1 Sep 7, 2007 Windows
Togu Audio Line

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