AnalogX AutoTune

Category Tools / Accessories
Version 2.31
Format App
Compatibility AnalogX AutoTuneWindows
License Freeware
Price Free
Updated On Apr 6, 2009
Total Downloads 3,836
PC Downloads 3,836

Tune all of your audio samples to the same frequency

AutoTune analyses sampled sounds in frequency space to allow you to tune all of your sounds to the same frequency! Just simply enter the note you want to use as the base for all of your sounds, such as C3, and then simply drag your samples onto the application, and voila! Let AutoTune do the rest! AutoTune can also be used to convert directories, instead of individual files, by simply dragging the directory onto the app.
Now, AutoTune is VERY computationally intensive, so it can take it a while for the analysis to take place, be patient! AutoTune is also pretty memory intensive, using around 6 to 8 megs of RAM for the average file, so the more memory you have, the faster it will run. AutoTune now supports mono and stereo WAV files, 8/16/24/32 bit formats (both MS and IEEE), and can also normalize and DC correct samples!
AnalogX AutoTune AnalogX AutoTune v 2.31 Apr 6, 2009 Windows
Rebuilt and fixed Vista issues
AnalogX AnalogX AutoTune AnalogX AutoTune v 2.30 Dec 23, 2006 Windows

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