Category Audio Production / Sequencers
Version 2.0b2068
Format App
Compatibility CantabileWindows
License Commercial Software
Price $49 - $139
46€ - 130€
Updated On Sep 9, 2014
Total Downloads 15,113
PC Downloads 15,113

VST host, MIDI recorder/sequencer and audio recorder

Cantabile is a simple, easy to use VST host, MIDI recorder/sequencer and audio recorder.
Designed primarily for real-time playing of virtual instruments and effects, Cantabile includes a highly optimized audio engine to minimize system load and reduce audio drop outs.
Windows 2000, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8
Cantabile Cantabile v 2.0b2068 Sep 9, 2014 Windows
New - support for FLAC media files
New - support for shell plugins (ie: Waves plugins)
New - support for non-edge triggered MIDI controller assignments
New - /stddpi command line switch to disable Cantabile's hi-res monitor support
New - MIDI filter for translating After-Touch events to MIDI CC
New - CC Map MIDI Filter can now map to/from program change, pitch bend, and channel pressure
Enhancement - support for program numbers without an LSB number (eg: 10..23)
Enhancement - to save media player snap setting
Enhancement - improvements to MIDI routing table to reduce stuck notes
Fixed - incorrectly scrolling to top of list when new item added
Fixed - MIDI routes not always sending target program number correctly
Fixed - large status panel not updating next song display
Fixed - popup menus obstructing underlying button
Fixed - not using SSE optimized sample conversion routine in some cases
Fixed - user-interface slow to respond when triggers with large Sysex data
Fixed - made the program number column in the set list window wider
Topten Software Cantabile Cantabile v 2.0b2067 Feb 24, 2014 Windows
New - support for sub-session program banks
Changed - the setlist not longer syncs to the currently loaded session/sub-session
Changed - removed warning message on loading MP3 media file
Fixed - hang (deadlock) when applying MIDI filter edits (rare)
Fixed - crash when scanning plugins during startup before session loads
Fixed - not sending last event in MIDI file
Fixed - support for sending MIDI trigger events on app shutdown
Fixed - crash when closing session while recording
Topten Software Cantabile v 2.0b2066 May 15, 2013 Windows
Build 2066 - 15 May, 2012

New - edge triggered mode on CC Latch MIDI filter
New - ability to configure on-screen custom button to not send off event (ie: non-edge button)
Fixed - crash in DirectSound driver with 64 bit audio
Fixed - crash loading 64-bit audio sessionss
Fixed - crash in x64 edition when under heavy memory load

Build 2065 - 9 May, 2012

Fixed - crash in set list when song has an empty name
Fixed - incorrectly initializing non-32-bit-audio plugins when in 64-bit audio mode
Fixed - pan level indicator not updating on sub-session switch
Fixed - crash on replacing MIDI assignment with associated sub-sessions
Fixed - crash loading sessions with sub-sessions with duplicated name or program numbers
audio Cantabile v 2.0b2048 Oct 12, 2010 Windows
Build 2058 of Cantabile 2.0 (available now), includes the ability to set the sub-session behaviour of metronome time-signature and tempo settings:
recorder Cantabile v 2.0b2047 Nov 7, 2009 Windows
* New - ability to save window layout in session file (Options -> General -> Saving and Loading -> Load Window Layout from Session)
* New - network commands to load song and subsession by name
* New - option to promote single plugins in a folder to parent group in plugin selector
* Improved - changed maximum audio channels from 28 to 32
* Fixed - crash or hang on closing app/session with partial send routings
* Fixed - inability to save MIDI filter when input and output port of the same name
* Fixed - MIDI routing table incorrectly taking precendence over MIDI Assignments
* Fixed - MIDI CC Map filter not able to reverse CC values
* Fixed - error message on creating file associations under Windows 7
* Fixed - show bypass/sleep state of plugins even if unloaded
* Fixed - incorrect error message when unable to load plugin dll
* Fixed - popup windows appearing offscreen on small resolution displays
* Fixed - notes not getting turned off across sub-sessions with some plugins
sequencer Cantabile v 2.0b2044 Jul 3, 2009 Windows
Build 2044 - 3 July, 2009
* New - sub-session controllable MIDI assignments
* Fixed - deleted global audio channels not being saved
* Fixed - note as controller MIDI filter not releasing controllers on condition release
* Fixed - missing user added plugins getting removed from plugin list after plugin scan
* Fixed - changed tap tempo calculation to reset after 3 seconds (not 5)
* Fixed - shared program banks folder not being created
* Fixed - various other minor bug fixes

Build 2043 - 23 June, 2009
* Improved - common scroll bar for all main window panels
* Improved - option to re-open plugin selector on last used plugin
download Cantabile v 2.0b2042 Jun 17, 2009 Windows
* New - Tap Tempo Direct MIDI assignment
* New - ability to set delays between triggers (action drop down -> Set Delays command)
* Fixed - startup options - reload last session - and first song setting not saved between sessions
* Fixed - default plugin selector category not saved between sessions
* Fixed - pinned MRU items in application menu sometimes getting cropped
* Fixed - crash in midi-in sys-ex on x64 build.
mac Cantabile v 2.0b2041 Jun 11, 2009 Windows
* New - commands to open set lists from tray icon
* New - commands to open set list from the drop down button on main window
* New - ability to remap MIDI controller values (new settings on existing controller map MIDI filter)
* New - ability to send program and bank select MIDI messages from MIDI routings
* New - MIDI program bank condition on MIDI routing
* New - ability to create MIDI assignment for program change qualified by bank
* Fixed - bug in restoring metronome channel assignments with multi-channel speaker arrangement
* Fixed - nested note on/off events resulting in stuck notes with some plugins
* Fixed - misc fixes for multi-monitor
windows Cantabile v 2.0b2040 Jun 3, 2009 Windows
* New - Cantabile Solo now has offline render capability.
* Fixed - note off events not being sent for held notes when suspending plugin or bypassing rack
* Fixed - incorrect handling of the run minimized/maximized settings in Windows Explorer shortcut to launch Cantabile.
* Improved - split sub-session button drop down. Top half shows sub-session dock panel.
* Improved - "session lists" renamed to "set lists"
macintosh Cantabile v 2.0b2039 May 27, 2009 Windows
* New - option to record rack MIDI input
* New - telnet command load subsession index
* Fixed - for crash deleting a rack with partial send enabled
* Fixed - inability to have Solo and Performer licenses on same machine
* Improved - split external tools button (top half invokes first tool)
pc Cantabile v 2.0b2037 May 18, 2009 Windows
* New - 30 days trial version of Solo and Performer
* Fixed - handling of duplicate MIDI port names
* Fixed - bug in restore plugin from session command
* Fixed - session list sub-session selector showing incorrect settings
* Improved - Group multiple plugin load error messages into a single message box
Cantabile v 2.0b2036 Apr 28, 2009 Windows
* New - MIDI loop back
* New - options to prevent screen saver, prevent power suspend and prevent monitor power off
* New - MIDI controller assignments to play first, next and previous in group
* Fixed - Media file play ranges not being restored correctly
Cantabile v 1.2 Dec 18, 2006 Windows
First non-beta release
Topten Software
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