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Version 2.0
Format App
Compatibility Loop EditorMacOS X Intel
License Commercial Software
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Updated On Sep 17, 2014
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Audio loop editor

Loop Editor 2 is a is powerful music loop editing tool developed by musicians and engineers for musicians and engineers.

Loop Editor is the perfect replacement for Apple Loops Utility. It supports all audio file formats that support loop points: AIFF Apple Loops, compressed & uncompressed CAF (AIFF, AAC & Apple Lossless) Apple Loops, AIFF, WAV, W64 and ACID. Additionally, Loop Editor supports forward, forward-backward, and backward looping. Loop Editor is one of the only applications available which supports sustain and release loops.

Loop Editor 2 allows you to view, add, edit and export Slices. It also supports advanced property editing capabilities such as the "Genre" and "Descriptors" properties for Apple Loops files. For those of you that work with Propellerhead Reason and ReCycle, we have included our ReCycle Converter tool which converts ReCycle REX & RX2 files for use in Loop Editor.
Mac OS X 10.9+
Loop Editor Loop Editor v 2.0 Sep 17, 2014 MacOS X Intel
The most important addition to Loop Editor 2 is full support for AppleScript. AppleScript makes Loop Editor even more powerful ?by allowing you to automate complex workflows and simplify the process of working with large numbers of files.
Audiofile Engineering Loop Editor Loop Editor v 1.5.0 Feb 9, 2010 MacOS X UB
* Fully Snow Leopard compatible
* speed and interface improvements
* support for CAF files with compressed content
  • fixed a bug option-clicking on a slice

  • added the label buttons to the toolbar by default

  • fixed a bug adding non-audio files to the list via a folder

  • playback latency compensation for the playback bar

  • fixed an error saving CAF files whose categories had been added/changed

  • fixed antering data into the varispeed and speed text fields in the Playback panel

  • added an alert at startup if the REX Shared Library is not installed

  • fixed a bug closing the app by closing a window when there were changed files
  • Audiofile Engineering Loop Editor v 1.5.0rc2 Nov 15, 2009 MacOS X UB
    * Fully Snow Leopard compatible
    editor Loop Editor v 1.1 Dec 13, 2007 MacOS X UB
  • Advanced Property Editing

  • Loop Editor 1.1 introduces our new "Plus" mode (requires a license key) that allows you to edit metadata properties for both Apple Loops and ACID files. It gives you everything Apple Loops Utility does and then some.

  • Advanced Playback Options

  • The new Playback panel gives you detailed control over Playback options. Adjust playback with varispeed or with pitch and time via speed, tempo, pitch or key. We also added playback quality control

  • Batch Export as Apple Loops & ACID

  • Apple Loops Utility is useful if all you need to do is create Apple Loops. But what if you want your loops to play well with others? Loop Editor now allows you to export your loops as Apple Loops and ACID.

  • Searchable Keyboard Shortcuts

  • We've made our already powerful and fully customizable keyboard shortcuts even better by adding a convenient search field. No more hunting when you need to find and customize a single command quickly!
    Audiofile Engineering
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