Category Audio Production / MIDI
Version 1.4.4
Format App
Compatibility MidiPipeMacOS X UB
License Freeware
Price Free
Updated On Jan 3, 2012
Total Downloads 7,124
Mac Downloads 7,124

Modifies MIDI Messages In Real Time

MidiPipe makes it possible to modify in real time MIDI messages.
Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later (10.5 preferred).
MidiPipe MidiPipe v 1.4.4 Jan 3, 2012 MacOS X UB
  • fixed bug that caused hijacked ports to not get unhihjacked at app quit under Mac OS X 10.6 and later (reported by Axel)
  • SubtleSoft MidiPipe MidiPipe v 1.4.3 Dec 16, 2007 MacOS X UB
  • fixed bug in "Midi In" tool related to opening pipes with hijacked inputs which are currently not connected (reported by Nik)

  • fixed bug in "Message Converter" tool related to display of output CC's > 119 (reported by Gauthier)

  • Plugin Example project now creates Universal plugins and uses correct file extension ".plugin"

  • moved development to Xcode 3.0 (Leopard) -- Mac OS X 10.2.9 not supported anymore
  • SubtleSoft MidiPipe v 1.4.2 May 30, 2007 MacOS X UB
    Fixed bug related to panel windows
    messages MidiPipe v 1.4.1 Mar 11, 2006 MacOS X UB
    Added French localization (thanks to Richard)
    fixed bug in "MIDI Loop Protection" when more than one "MIDI Out" tool was used
    download MidiPipe v 1.4 Jan 11, 2006 MacOS X UB
    Added "Monophonic" tool - make monophonic (requested by Wheat)
    extended "Velocity Modifier" tool to allow filtering (requested by Wheat)
    extended "Message Factory" tool to support all System Messages as trigger (requested by Chris)
    mac MidiPipe v 1.3.6 Nov 17, 2005 MacOS X UB
  • extended "Message Factory" tool to support System Exclusive as trigger and trigger message as data source (requested by oink)

  • fixed bug in "AppleScript Trigger" that prevented returning multi-messages (ex. return {144,0,64,145,64,64})

  • added Plugin API for developers to create their own tools (BETA - please send me feedback)

  • added Universal Binary to run on Intel architecture (not tested - please send me feedback)
  • windows MidiPipe v 1.3.1 Aug 22, 2005 MacOS X PPC
  • moved development to Xcode 2.1 (Tiger) and fixed Tiger related bugs

  • added "Double Filter" tool - filters identical messages

  • updated Italian localization (thanks to Claudio)

  • "Message Converter" tool now applies its options even if input and output settings are the same

  • made main window resizable
  • macintosh MidiPipe v 1.2.0 May 7, 2005 MacOS X PPC
    Added "MIDISend" AppleScript command - send MIDI messages from your AppleScripts to MidiPipe (requested by Jim)
    made "AppleScript Trigger" panel resizable (requested by Matt)
    fixed bug in "AppleScript Trigger" that caused returned messages to have a wrong time stamp (reported by Matt)
    pc MidiPipe v 1.1.0 Apr 5, 2005 MacOS X PPC
  • added "Message Factory" tool - trigger your own messages with static and variable data bytes (requested by Rjahn)

  • enhanced "Transpose" tool - multiple keys, set velocity, delay and channel
  • MidiPipe v 1.0.2 Mar 5, 2005 MacOS X PPC
  • fixed bug in "AppleScript Trigger" that prevented script properties to stick under Mac OS X 10.3 (reported by John)

  • removed "Message Factory" tool from tool list, because it is not finished yet (showed up by mistake)
  • more...
    MidiPipe v 1.0.1 Feb 21, 2005 MacOS X PPC
  • added "hijack" option to "Midi In" tool - this makes the selected port invisible to other apps (use with GarageBand or Logic Express)

  • added workaround to make "AppleScript Trigger" work under Mac OS X 10.2 again (bug reported by Metallbau)

  • virtual ports can be renamed now

  • added "Duplicate Tool" and "Duplicate Pipe" menu items (requested by stabilizer)
  • MidiPipe v 0.9.9 Dec 20, 2004 MacOS X PPC
    Minor interface changes to make localization easier
    added Italian (thank you Claudio) and German localization

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    version 0.9.9, MacOS X PPC
    Simple yet elegant. Does one thing (midi port piping/mapping) and seems to do it well.
    version 1.4.1, MacOS X UB
    Pas mal du tout. Je l'ai essayé pour transformer le Breath Control en pitch-bend ou modulation (en After touch, ca ne marche pas...). J'ai un peu tatonné au début car l'interface n'est pas super intuitive. Dommage qu'il n'y ait pas de doc.
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