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Updated On Jan 30, 2005
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Note - frequency converter

The Note <-> Frequency calculator Dashboard widget is used to calculate the frequency (in Hertz, or cycles-per-second) of a note based on a note name or a MIDI note number. It can also be used in the reverse capacity to derive a note name and MIDI note number based on the closest note found to a supplied frequency.

This tool is primarily useful in music production - both for studio mixing and recording, as well as in live sound - when it is of particular interest to note the fundamental frequency range of an instrument and/or of the primary notes of a passage played on an instrument.

This tool is provided as a Dashboard widget for easy access from your software-based digital audio workstation and/or MIDI sequencer, or your analysis software.
Note Frequency Calculator Note Frequency Calculator v 1.0 Jan 30, 2005 MacOS X PPC
Jacklin Studios

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