MegaSeg DJ

Category Audio Production / DJs
Version 5.9.2
Format App
Compatibility MegaSeg DJMacOS X UB
License Commercial Software
Price $249  /  213€
Updated On Aug 9, 2013
Total Downloads 5,408
Mac Downloads 5,408

Mobile DJ & Radio mixer

MegaSeg is the premiere mobile DJ and radio station automation solution for MP3/QuickTime mixing and programming. Enhancing its existing powerful music mixing feature set, MegaSeg now features intuitive management of song rotation, timed playlist events, and instant playback of drop-in clips and sound effects via easy-to-use Hot Keys.
MegaSeg's new scheduling features allow for prioritization of playback for certain songs or entire categories of music, coupled with the ability to start playlists and insert sound clip jingles at specified times. Elegant playlist rules allow the MegaSeg user to prevent two songs from the same artist playing too close together, a boon to music management.
Any Mac with Mac OS X 10.4 or better, QuickTime 6.5.2 or better, and 512 MB RAM or better.
MegaSeg DJ MegaSeg DJ v 5.9.2 Aug 9, 2013 MacOS X UB
New MIDI Preset for Numark's MixTrack Pro II controller.
New Keynote remote and keyboard shortcut support via Playback menu command.
Edit: Setting Intros via up/down arrows works correctly on International systems.
MIDI: Fix for master volume not responding to MIDI commands.
MIDI Learn Mode now displays the function name when assigning a conflicting code.
Mixer: Fixed a volume issue when using Discrete Output Mode without the AVC enabled.
Mixer: Turning off Automatic Volume Control properly resets the Gain controls.
Fixed possible AutoSeg timing issues when using the Fade-Override option.
Logging: Improved detection of missing album artwork for "NowPlaying" metadata.
Video: When using Multiprocess AV mode with full screen video on a 2nd video output, the menubar doesn't hide on the main interface screen and it shows the "exit full screen" message at the proper location.
Various other minor improvements.
Fidelity Media MegaSeg DJ MegaSeg DJ v 5.9 Jun 7, 2013 MacOS X UB
New Multiprocess AV preference takes advantage of the Mac's multicore processor.
New MIDI presets for controllers from Pioneer, Hercules, and Numark (DDJ-S1, DDJ-WeGO, NS6, MK4, RMX2).
New Import to Category "Same as Folder" option, which works with the Import Folder import method.
New AppleScript support with commands to toggle status of AutoSeg, Events, and Rules.
AutoSeg Trim no longer affects tracks over 10 minutes long.
Category Browser: Changed Spacebar and Return to check only the current selected category. Use Control-Space or Control-Return to check multiple categories via keyboard.
Category Browser: Filters out double slashes.
Command-Right Arrow and Command-Option-Right Arrow consistently selects newly added tracks in the playlist.
Deck: Transport position updates faster for smoother display of short tracks.
Devices: Fixed a bug that prevented certain output devices with odd characters in their name (e.g. "µDAC") from working consistently.
Edit Categories: Merging selected categories no longer prompts a 2nd time if you change the suggested name to a category already selected.
Edit: A volume setting above 100% is properly represented when starting the preview playback.
Edit: Fixed a possible error when editing categories while Hot Keys window was also open.
Edit: If a track has an older unknown intro time of ":00" without a decimal, the field is now properly reset to empty rather than setting to ":00.0".
Edit: Multi-select edit supports clearing intro time field.
Edit: Processing a multi-select edit can now be canceled.
Edit: Saving a multi-select edit is faster.
Edit: Setting intro, cue-in, and segue times is much more responsive with the arrows.
Fix for possible error when double-clicking to open an iTunes playlist.
Fixed a potential loop issue when missing files are in a playlist at startup and looping is enabled. It is now responsive to mouse clicks and asks if the cueing process should be stopped.
Import: Dragging multiple folders into the Playlist will now import them all rather than just the first folder.
Import: PDF files are now ignored by default.
Library Tools: Selecting a new MegaSeg Data folder now properly inits Logs for display.
Lists no longer loses focus highlight during the first four segues.
Lists: Optimized library and playlist scrolling for all fonts.
Logs: Open As Playlist function now loads Recently Played view in chronological order.
Logs: You can now right-click in the logs window.
Media Keys: When enabled in the General preferences, the Volume keys now pass-thru to control System volume and the Eject key only segues when MegaSeg is the frontmost window.
Metadata: If an imported file's title metadata contains "Track x" and the filename does not, it will parse the filename instead.
MIDI: Added new Seek Wheel and Mode Toggle commands.
MIDI: Master Volume supports delta and high-precision absolute modes.
MIDI Learn Mode now ignores some nonsense or unused status codes.
MIDI Learn Mode now prompts before clearing other set values.
MIDI presets default to "Use Specific Channels".
MIDI: Optimized MIDI event processing.
MIDI: Sliders and knobs work with more MIDI controllers that send high-resolution 14-bit values.
MIDI: Supports jog wheels that send 14-bit "delta-edge" values.
MIDI: While in a loop, scrubbing or using the jog wheel to rewind no longer gets stuck.
Option-Click Segue or Option-Command-Space to Seg&Set no longer messes up the Bass and Treble values if set.
Playlist Browser and Ambient Playlist render all fonts at proper weight.
Playlist Browser: Double-clicking a track properly flashes and updates in-playlist mark instantly.
Playlist Browser: Fixed an issue where listbox focus could be in an odd state.
Playlist Browser: iTunes folder disclosure triangles draw correctly at all font sizes.
Playlist length and selected track time is more accurately calculated.
Playlist menu's "Save as Category..." command no longer displays annoying explanation dialog each time.
Playlist: 1-row display mode properly displays Next position divider line.
Playlist: Next position only draws divider line and dark background when list is scrolled.
The quit confirmation dialog now auto-confirms after 7 seconds to allow automatic system restarts or shutdowns.
[DJ] Import: When selecting a custom import category, it no longer also uses the Genre tag if available. (Pro edition allows for three options: Use Genre only, Custom category only, or Custom + Genre tag with Import Option dialog.)
Added Category Settings menu command with keyboard shortcut Command-Control-T.
Administration Mode: Drag-n-drop import from Finder is now protected among others.
Administration Mode: Simplified several commands that displayed an extra explanation dialog prior to showing the Administration dialog. Also properly completes the selected command after entering password successfully.
Administration Mode: The password is now set immediately after enabling in settings, and the password is now case sensitive.
Edit: Fixed bug where the "Segue Fade-Override" could be enabled while "Use native length" was checked but not display its state.
Events: Date-based events work again on systems that use abbreviated months for their "Short Date" format (i.e. Feb/14/13)
Events: If the Event list file on disk was modified outside on the current running MegaSeg instance, it now asks if you want to overwrite the file on disk prior to auto-saving.
Events: Insert URL download always prevent AutoSeg Trim.
Events: Interrupt track events now evaluate and apply Rules immediately.
Fix for potential Insert Break Serial Trigger Timeout error when not actually using an Insert Break Serial Trigger event.
Hot Keys: Clicking the red close button no longer resets Category selection when reopening Hot Keys.
Hot Keys: Current list item remains selected regardless of a Hot Key trigger.
Hot Keys: Scheduler categories get properly refreshed when dropping a track into a new category or deleting a track out of a category via Hot Keys.
Logging: Send info to Icecast now uses proper default username if not supplied.
Logging: Send to Server feature now properly sends "N/A" info when stopping the playlist, as well as "Talk Break" for Playlist Breaks.
Network: Fixed some inconsistency with displaying system names in Network dialog.
Network: If multiple internet interfaces are enabled, it should no longer conflict with MegaSeg's serial registration.
Playlists autosaved on quit now remember their Scheduler loop status on restart.
Preview: Spacebar now toggles Preview on/off for list selections.
Rules: When set to warn mode, the "block track from playing in same hour as yesterday" rule now displays the track title.
Scheduler rotations are properly updated after using Playlist menu's Save as Category command.
Scheduler: Fixed an issue with Rules and automatic track/category reconciliation that could cause potential uneven scheduling of category rotations.
Video: Pressing Esc to close video window now properly saves the preference.
Fidelity Media MegaSeg DJ v 5.8.7 Dec 19, 2012 MacOS X UB
ITunes 11 compatibility fixes including support for hierarchical playlist folders.
MegaSeg playlists can now be renamed inline with a 2nd click.
Support for “Media Keys” on Apple keyboards (Play/Pause, FF/REW, Eject, etc.) and various remotes that use multimedia keyboard profiles.
Volume Control prevents excessive fade-in for average level tracks.
Setting the Intro Time to tenths of a second works on all international systems.
Added additional import validity check for .mp4 and .m4v files.
Fix for deck output and channel initialization.
Fixed issue where mono files could cause VU Meters to get stuck in mono display mode.
Send to Server (Shoutcast, Icecast, HTTP) now supports metadata for "talk breaks".
Voice-Over / Mic attenuation adjustment to previous levels.
Fixed a fade out issue when two Voice Over tracks are played in quick succession between songs.
The main Loop button no longer gets stuck when a Scheduled Loop is performed.
Import Library as Text command works better with quote wrapped delimiters, and fixed a possible error regarding text encodings.
Fixed an issue when MegaSeg is hidden and a playlist loads or loops it would display a scrollbar over the library.
Fixed issues with Adjust Master Volume event.
megaseg MegaSeg DJ v 5.8.6 Oct 23, 2012 MacOS X UB
Resolved issues with Automatic Volume Control and Sound Check leveling.
Edit Media: Custom volume levels are properly converted to logarithmic scale.
Sorting the search results works in all cases.
Playlist Browser: Matching or importing tracks is more reliable in cases where file paths differ between systems.
music MegaSeg DJ v 5.8.5 Oct 12, 2012 MacOS X UB
Category Browser: Instantly refreshes list after import.
Decks: Non-square cover art is letterboxed.
Dialogs use more action verbs for button captions.
Edit Categories: Remove, Rename and Merge functions can now be canceled.
Edit Categories: Rename button swaps to Merge with multiples selected.
Edit Categories: Scrolling to checked category works correctly.
Edit Category dialog refreshes Category Browser instantly when renaming or removing categories.
Edit dialog's preview time displays are more accurate.
Fixed preference issue that could prevent clearing certain settings to default or empty values if an outdated version of the preference file was in the Preferences folder.
Folders View: Right/left arrow shortcuts expand/collapse folders.
Import: Added extra check to prevent possible duplicate files during import if folder is being manipulated.
Import: Fixed a bug where a track's category would be "&h000000" if importing a file that had been previously imported and the Import Options were set to "Not use Genre as Category".
Keep All Drives Spinning option works better with newer drives.
Library Tools: Fixed a bug with Save/Open Library as Text commands that prevented Notes/Comments from being included.
Library Tools: Scan For Missing Files can now be canceled after the first missing track dialog appears.
Lists: Popup info tips clear when using keyboard arrow keys to scroll.
Metadata: If a title tag only contains blank spaces, the filename is used.
Metadata: MegaSeg Tags are saved when using multi-selection and the Edit Categories menu command, including updating the file's modification date.
MIDI: Fixed Denon HC-4500 high resolution pitch sliders.
Mixer: Crossfader no longer leaks audio on each side, and all faders have a smoother logarithmic "curve" profile.
Output Devices: Setting an output channel to 3+4 or higher when playing a mono audio file now uses different layout mappings.
Playlist Browser: Fixed potential unexpected quit when rapidly clicking iTunes playlists.
Playlist Browser: Maintains selection and keyboard focus when opening playlists, and shows improved indication of Prefix, Append, and Open actions.
Playlist Browser: Shows "in-playlist" left side marks and selection style matches playlist queue.
Playlist queue insert point shifts half-way between row height, and no longer draws directly above or below the selected row.
Playlists: More robust at matching tracks from other systems and paths, including relative paths and mounted volumes.
Preferences window displays consistently when toggling from another app back to MegaSeg via clicking the window or dock icon.
Report windows can now be closed with keyboard shortcuts.
Segue: Fixed a possible blip in the fade out while loading the next deck.
Segue: Optimized for faster response.
Starting the next deck manually during a long auto fade-out, no longer causes volume spikes due to the AGC.
Wave Viewer renders smoother with less jitter.
Wave Viewer: Fixed issue where loud bass frequencies would chop the wave.
Wave Viewer: Fixed issue where scrubbing back to beginning while deck is playing would stop the wave viewer and VU meters from displaying.
Wave Viewer: Magic Trackpad scrolling to scratch/scrub and click-drag pitch adjustments of the Wave Viewer no longer conflict.
Wave Viewer: Multi-touch scrolling has a smoother response.
Wave Viewer: Scrubbing while paused in Preview mode sounds better.
Ambient Playlist: Clear and Random buttons now show the optional confirmation dialogs.
Ambient Playlist: Supports more contextual menus and the main Playlist menu's Clear, Save, and Random commands work properly.
Category Settings: Reshuffle list can be sorted.
Events: Day View: Fixed issue where Day View would show date events from other years. Interrupt column is centered, and headers stay deselected.
Events: Every X Minute events don't all fire at midnight.
Events: Fixed an issue where the "After Category" event could intermittently fire twice.
Events: Fixed performance issue with Insert URL events that downloaded files from a web server.
Events: If there was an error downloading an Insert URL event, it no longer inserts an empty track.
Events: Insert URL live stream playback is more reliable and faster to buffer.
Events: Insert URL re-downloaded files retain Voice Over and Category settings.
Events: Now properly fires when the menus are activated.
Hot Keys: Fixed a possible drag-n-drop issue.
Hot Keys: Properly refreshes after editing a track's title or categories.
Hot Keys: The list displays keys correctly when sorting the list or setting keys that are already assigned to other tracks.
Logging: Insert Break (Wait for Segue) tracks now sends proper metadata to Nicecast for Live365.
Logging: Send track information via FTP Upload option is more stable if the network is intermittent or goes down.
Preferences: Hide Interface Buttons: Fixed issue with Cue Position option.
Scheduler: Category Settings: The green cue position no longer displays past the last track.
Scheduler: Saving a Playlist Schedule properly refreshes the Playlist Browser if open.
Video: When video is set to Always On and is Full Screen, it now gives a message about pressing Escape to exit.
Voice Overs: Can now be set to Use Native Length in Edit Media dialog, and properly back-times into vocal if source file length changes.
When AutoSeg is off in Non-Mixer view, the current track's segue time duration is used rather than the native length.
Various other improvements.
features MegaSeg DJ v 5.8.4 Jul 17, 2012 MacOS X UB
Decks: When a deck is in preview mode while manipulating the Wave Viewer, toggling out of preview no longer restarts the deck.
Editing a track that is playing in the Next Deck no longer stops the track when saved.
MIDI: Implemented list scrolling in the Denon HC-4500 MIDI preset. (Select lists with the Playlist buttons, and left Jog Mode is mapped to Advance/Segue.)
Mixer: The last track in a playlist properly fades out when clicking Advance.
Mixer: While in preview mode the Wave Viewer works better.
Optimized reading iTunes Sound Check data.
Printing: No longer gets stuck on Playlist Browser's print options.
Rephrased the dialog when your custom MegaSeg data folder location is not available or mountable, with a button to reset to the default location.
Selecting a new User Data folder remaps tracks in the current playlist cue if possible.
[Pro] Events: Fixed an intermittent issue saving the Event List on quit.
[Pro] Logging: New option to send track info via HTTP Post with optional cover art JPEG as encoded HEX.
[Pro] Logging: When using the Send Track Info To Server via HTTP option, and stopping the playlist, it now sends "N/A" track info.
[Pro] Mic Play-thru: Fixed an issue with changing the Mic device preferences.
[Pro] Stream playback: Using a .pls URL with the Insert URL event will now play correctly, however it is still recommended to use the raw stream URL for best performance.
[Pro] Stream playback: When a live stream drops, the reconnect interval increases 3 seconds each attempt.
playback MegaSeg DJ v 5.8.3 Jun 24, 2012 MacOS X UB
New MIDI jog wheel pressure mode for responsive scratch effects.
More responsive Wave Viewer trackpad scroll to scratch.
Apple Remote: Play/Pause button now pauses and resumes with optional turntable break effect. (Press and hold to Stop/Start playlist.)
AutoSeg Trim: Track length must be at least 95 seconds to engage AutoSeg Trim mode.
Decks: Turntable Break effect is smoother and maintains proper volume levels and transport position for both decks.
Fixed a possible error while logging songs.
Fixed a possible tag reading issue.
Fixed a rare issue when quitting.
Folder view type-to-select matches any substring for easier selection.
Full screen mode is properly remembered on relaunch, and exiting full screen returns to the last size and position.
If a track's length becomes shorter than the originally imported duration, AutoSeg still works as expected.
Import: After editing a track with accents and the rename file option enabled, it no longer re-import as a duplicate.
iTunes: Added Type-to-select in the iTunes Playlist Browser.
Library: Saving and loading the library is faster.
MIDI: Added an option to turn MIDI off.
MIDI: Creating a custom preset from built-in preset keeps MIDI Learn Mode engaged.
MIDI: Fixed possible issue with pitch sliders jumping on Denon controllers.
MIDI: Revised Denon MC6000 preset's crossfader to audio mode, and remapped Advance to EFX button.
MIDI: Revised DJ2GO and Mixtrack presets to support button lights.
MIDI: Scrolling the library or playlist track selection works better for all controllers.
MIDI: The right jog wheel on the DAC-3 controller works again.
MIDI: You can type-to-select in the list of MIDI control functions.
Mixer: Clearing the Match BPM search results returns to the last library sort order.
Playlist: Selected track's future play time calculation takes playing track's set segue time into account when AutoSeg is off.
Playlists: Minimal playlist files (i.e. saved in UTF-8 format properly register the artist field.
Preferences: Data folders on a server are now auto-mounted (if on your keychain).
Printing from Playlist Browser is now supported.
Randomize Playlist (Command-R) without confirmation dialog no longer cause selections to grow.
Search Notes returns correct results when library is not sorted by title.
Selecting a new data folder refreshes the category and playlist browser.
Toggling views no longer cause floating windows to disappear.
[Pro] Added Mic Play-thru levels to VU meter and Wave Viewer.
[Pro] Edit: Fixed a bug when re-editing a Voice-Over track where the Segue Fade-Override checkbox became enabled while the Voice-Over checkbox was checked.
[Pro] Edit: Revised Restrict Play Dates to be inclusive as it was in past versions, and changed UI to clarify play range, as well as added a "Today" reset button.
[Pro] Edit: When editing a track set to use Native Length it no longer causes a system beep.
[Pro] Events: Insert URL events are smarter about certain HTTP URLs without ports, to be treated as a live stream and not a download.
[Pro] Events: Major speed optimization when using very long event lists.
[Pro] Fixed an issue when loading or syncing the library that could cause the category scheduler to reset rotations.
[Pro] Hot Keys: Sorting the list by the Key column no longer causes key values to duplicate while a row is selected.
[Pro] Library Tools: Scan For Duplicates properly hides the category view.
[Pro] Preview: Mini Preview player shows correct stop button instead of play.
[Pro] Resolved an intermittent issue with voice-overs preceding tracks with cold :00 second intros.
[Pro] Rules: Fixed an issue where a category with very few tracks (5 or less) could prevent the Replace With Same Category function from working.
[Pro] Rules: Replace With Same Category option prevents artist clumping better while reconciling tracks.
[Pro] Rules: Restrict Play Dates removes a track from the playlist when set to Warn mode while Replace With Same Category is on but not enabled.
[Pro] Scheduler: Insert URL downloaded tracks are fetched fresh each time.
[Pro] Scheduler: Clicking the Scheduler tab is much faster, especially for large libraries.
[Pro] Scheduler: When real tracks are in the schedule (not just a category), the duration is approximated to the second.
[Pro] Stream playback: Fixed issue where a streaming server does not respond fast enough causing it to attempt multiple reconnects.
Various performance optimizations.
playlist MegaSeg DJ v 5.8.2 Mar 27, 2012 MacOS X UB
The Playlists button no longer causes an error after any iTunes library changes.
Advance button's track loading is threaded to match the Segue button.
Fixed an issue when segueing two tracks quickly.
[Pro] Auto ducking stops when a voice track ends instead of the full intro.
[Pro] Restrict Play Date ends on the stop date instead of the following day.
[Pro] Fixed an issue on OS X 10.5 that caused some videos to display a 2nd window.
Additional minor tweaks.
download MegaSeg DJ v 5.8.1 Mar 21, 2012 MacOS X UB
New limiter mode when a track's gain is above 100%.
New Denon MC6000 MIDI control preset.
New option to toggle Apple Remote control.
New jog wheel sensitivity setting.
Album artwork is threaded and animated.
Apple Remote: Supports center button for Segue.
Decks: Optimized instant-start and transport skimming.
Deleting a playing track maintains its duration and won't stop if AutoSeg is toggled.
Improvements for OS X 10.4 Tiger and 10.5 Leopard.
Lists: Dragging a track twice quickly won't trigger a double-click.
Lists: Shift-Up/Down Arrows allows multi-selection.
Lists: Switching views quickly no longer causes scrollbar anomalies.
Lists: Track Popup Info respects the Show Album Art option.
MIDI: Denon DN-HC4500 displays track info again.
MIDI: Memory cue positions can be set via MIDI.
MIDI: Pitch controls are mapped to MegaSeg's fine-tune slider.
[Pro] Events: Insert and Open events no longer toggle AutoSeg if the playlist is already started.
[Pro] Hot Keys: Respects font size preferences.
[Pro] Logging: Break Track sends 60 second Live365 ID/PSA info instead of 30 minutes.
[Pro] Mic Play-Thru: The small buffer option works on OS X 10.6.
[Pro] Request List: Notes can be edited from within the Request List.
[Pro] Request Notes following a break track no longer display twice.
[Pro] Scheduler: If the last track is missing in a looped playlist, it no longer stops the loop.
[Pro] Scheduler: Total Time display rounds minutes accurately.
Other minor fixes and optimizations.
mac MegaSeg DJ v 5.8 Feb 17, 2012 MacOS X UB
Over 120 improvements focusing on these areas:

All iTunes album artwork is supported including covers acquired via iTunes "Get Artwork" command.
MIDI Settings dialog has new controller presets for American Audio's VMS2 and VMS4, updated Numark and Hercules presets, and new options for creating multiple custom presets you can import and export.
MIDI overhaul with new commands for Loop Half, Double, Reloop, library and playlist navigation, scrolling, deck loading, support for high-res jog wheels, inverse pitch sliders, user assigned LEDs, additional variable input options, independent mid-EQ, the ability to dismiss dialogs with any MIDI button, and overall performance boost.
Wave Viewer for visual beatmixing is smoother when multitouch scratching, scrubbing, or click-dragging to reverse direction (especially when pitch-locked), and does not autostart when clicked to allow for click-drag cueing and keyboard focus, and no longer "rumbles" when at rest after a multitouch scroll cue.
Auto Volume Control function overhauled to be independent of the Mixer's faders allowing for additional track boosting, with a gain meter displayed in the fader's track.
Many interface refinements: Sharper text, more Lion-style scrollbars and related fixes (respects "always show scrollbars"), new list headers, wider red play marks, edge-pinned track info popups, new drag-n-drop cursor icons, and search results can be sorted easier.
Edit Media dialog includes fixes for manually setting volumes, multi-select editing, category dialog checkboxes, using "Edit Next" from the playlist browser, and more.
Decks include fixes for drag-n-drop, Sound Check, setting outputs, BPM match, and instantly reports missing files.
The Dock icon, playlists, and decks now support direct Finder file drops to instant cue tracks instead of only importing to the library.
Mixer's auto crossfade speed is consistent from any fader start position, and can be stopped mid-fade.
iTunes Playlists load faster, supports multi-selection drag-n-drop, type-to-select, and has a new refresh button.
Preferences are read correctly on 10.4 Tiger.
Revised User's Guide with new info, screenshots, and more concise examples.
[Pro] Event list columns can be resized, files can be double-clicked in the Finder to load, AutoSeg is reset for events that start playlists, time-based events work for all language localizations, Before or After Category events no longer trigger at midnight, Interrupt field can be toggled with a click, and the Open Playlist event's dialog is resizable.
[Pro] Mic On/Off has a new option to use a smaller buffer for less latency, and ducks the master volume faster.
[Pro] Logging: The FTP upload sends "n/a" info when the playlist is stopped, and Live365 updates send "ID/PSA" metadata when using Break tracks.
[Pro] Hot Keys adds a "Same as Next Song (Preview)" output option, supports Finder drag-n-drop, and holding the option key while drag-n-drop into the category list replaces the track's category.
[Pro] Library Tools adds a Convert Artist "Last, First" to "First Last" function that maintains last name sorting, Save/Open Library from Text command now supports the Comments field, and Scan For Missing Files now saves the library post-scan.
[Pro] Request List notes can be edited and supports multiple select drag-n-drop into the playlist.
[Pro] Rules: If set to automatically remove offending tracks, it properly loops the playlist if the last track is removed, and fixed a scrollbar bug when rule warnings are displayed.
[Pro] Video: The Escape key exits full screen mode reliably, video size menus function regardless if a video is playing, and certain MPEGs no longer cause Automatic Volume Control to malfunction.
[Pro] Ambient Video Playlist displays time/loop info when opening playlists, and it's faster to multi-select remove tracks.
[Pro] Stream playback performs better on OS X Lion.
[Pro] Sync Shared Library command works in cases where a track is sitting idle with AutoSeg Off.
[Pro] Scheduler's Loop Playlist checkbox properly modifies the document to allow saving.
Various other optimizations, interface changes, and bug fixes.
windows MegaSeg DJ v 5.7.3 Sep 29, 2011 MacOS X UB
Decks: When in standard output mode the headphone preview button auto-starts the deck.
Edit Categories: If the Edit Categories dialog was positioned on a 2nd monitor that is no longer connected, it resets to the default screen.
Edit Media: Fixed a bug in 5.7.2 where saving a track did not change the modification date.
Fixed a potential crash related to damaged text encodings while parsing dates in the Log.
Fixed a potential crash selecting menus while track info is scrolling.
Importing: Drag-n-drop import of multiple folders or files at once can now be canceled quickly.
Playlist Browser: When the active playlist cue is saved the playlist browser preview refreshes.
[DJ] The DJ Edition enters full screen mode automatically on the 11" MacBook Air.
[Pro] Events: The "Every 1 Segue: Insert Track" event works from the very first track played.
[Pro] Library Tools Text Cleaner: Using the Titlecase filter works for the first word within parentheses.
[Pro] MIDI: While the Mixer view is hidden, the Advance/Segue MIDI command updates the current song display faster.
Minor interface changes.
macintosh MegaSeg DJ v 5.7.2 Sep 14, 2011 MacOS X UB
Cue Position: When the Cue Position buttons are held down, the playlist position accelerates.
Import Tags: Fixed a bug in 5.7.1 that blocked reading tags from QuickTime .mov files.
Importing: Fixed an intermittent lockup when using drag-n-drop to import a folder or file. Also the import dialog can now be dismissed by pressing Return.
List scrollbars and center buttons no longer appear as often unintentionally.
List Scrollbars: Auto-repeat page-up/down works again when you click and hold on the scrollbar's gutter.
Lists: Type-to-select works more reliably in the playlist, and using the Shift key while typing no longer unintentionally selects multiple rows.
Logs: The log file popup menu displays files using your preferred date format.
Playlist: Fixed a drawing glitch that could occasionally cause the playlist to appear blurry for a brief moment after a segue.
Trackpad: On Lion, if you turn off the "Natural Scrolling" option in the System Preferences, various knobs and controls adjust to the change.
Fixed a "CGPointApplyInverseAffineTransform: singular matrix" message that appeared in the system log.
Fixed a Sparkle update issue that could cause a crash when it relaunches MegaSeg.
[Pro] Announce Selection: Works with Lion's new Text-to-Speech voices.
[Pro] Events: Insert URL "Download" events now sets a specific End Time to prevent AutoSeg Trim from ending the track early.
[Pro] Events: The new "Switch Events" command works (previously "Load Events").
[Pro] Events/Scheduler: The Insert Track dialog now accepts tracks dragged from the Log and Playlist browsers.
[Pro] Logging: Sending "now playing" data to Live365 uses the Latin-1 text encoding.
[Pro] Show History: Dates are displayed in your system's date format.
Various speed and graphics optimizations.
pc MegaSeg DJ v 5.7.1 Aug 26, 2011 MacOS X UB
Playlists browser: When switching views it now remembers the last selection and playlist displayed.
Command-Space shortcut for Segue works again by default.
Folders View now has a right-click contextual menu.
Launching: Pressing Command-Q while MegaSeg is launching no longer causes a possible error.
Library: When the last row is selected in the list, toggling to and from the playlist browser no longer flickers or changes the scroll position.
Decks: Headphone cue volume is no longer affected by the main volume knob, and resolved an issue where the Cue volume slider did not adjust in real-time.
Preferences: The preferences file is now in plist format.
Segue/Stop Playlist: When the main volume is turned all the way down, pressing Stop Playlist or Segue properly stops the track.
[Pro] Mic Play-thru: Fixed a bug that prevented the Mic Input and Output settings from showing all devices.
[Pro] Rules: Restarting MegaSeg no longer prevents rules from taking log data into account prior to the restart.
[Pro] Events: The Set Time & Date dialog's "day selector" is clearer, and no longer includes a comma after the time when no days are selected. Also fixed a bug that prevented a "daily time" event from triggering if it included the comma.
[Pro] Events: An Insert URL event that downloads a file works more reliably in cases where the server is slow to respond.
[Pro] Scheduler: Double-clicking a category now adds it to the Schedule.
[Pro] Mini Preview: Fixed a bug that caused the timer to sometimes display 1:60.
[Pro] Hot Keys: In cases where the Hot Keys window was positioned on a 2nd desktop monitor that's no longer connected, the window is reset to the main screen.
Additional interface tweaks.
MegaSeg DJ v 5.7 Jul 29, 2011 MacOS X UB
Lion: The Library and Playlist have new transient overlay scrollbars for multi-touch scrolling.
Lion: When using multi-touch trackpad scrolling on Mac OS X 10.7, the Wave View, sliders, crossfader, transports, and knobs work in the correct direction.
New improved look of buttons and text.
Category Browser: Command-clicking category text multi-selects instead of toggles all checkboxes.
Contextual-clicking (aka right-click) on an item in a list that does not have focus now works.
Decks: Dragging the track from a deck back onto itself no longer causes it to reset the deck.
Decks: Dropping a track into a deck now takes into account the AutoSeg Trim setting.
Decks: Loop status is reset when loading a new track via drag-n-drop.
Decks: Pressing play in either deck will now start the playlist so AutoSeg can function.
Edit Categories: Command-Click on checkboxes toggles them all.
Edit Categories: Fixed a rare but possible error message when double-clicking a category.
Edit Categories: When selecting a track to edit categories, the dialog now displays the track's title, and multiple selection edits no longer shows a warning dialog.
Edit Media: Prevents multi-line text pasted into single-line text fields by replacing returns with tabs.
Edit Media: Preview player uses the proper output device when both outputs are set to the same device, but not the System's default device.
Edit Media: The Notes field length is now unlimited.
Find: Clearing the search field no longer causes the category browser to reappear.
Folders View: Blank rows are not displayed in certain rare cases.
List Views: Dragging multiple unique tracks from library to playlist quickly, no longer causes the same track to be dropped twice in a row.
List Views: Smoother list animation while showing and hiding the Category Browser and other views.
List Views: Tabbing into a list selects the first row if none is selected.
List Views: The "played" and "in playlist" marks are now vertical bars along the left side of the rows for better visibility.
List Views: When clicking quickly it now prevents unintentional drag flickers.
Lists: BPM sort now consistently sorts non-bpm value tracks by title.
MIDI: Added MIDI codes for "Exclusive Deck Play/Pause" and "Exclusive Playlist Stop/Start".
MIDI: DAC-3 Controller now supports Wave View scrubbing via jog wheels and no longer causes an abrupt stop when advancing into a Break track.
MIDI: The Denon HC-4500 preset adds an Advance/Segue option mapped to the eject button.
Missing File dialogs now display title and artist in addition to path.
Playlist Browser: Fixed an Unsupported Format error when viewing an iTunes playlist containing a bad file path.
Playlist Browser: When un-imported tracks are added to the main playlist cue, it's also sorted properly in the library.
Playlist: Main playlist's sorting menu is now accessible by clicking the playlist header.
Playlist: Removing tracks from the library that have recently played in the playlist no longer causes the playlist's cue position to change.
Playlist: The feature to drag-n-drop a playlist track into the library to remove it also works with the Playlist Browser displayed.
Playlist: The Save dialog's checkbox to include tracks already played is now unchecked by default.
Playlist: When it auto-saves the playlist, it now shows a progress dialog if necessary.
Playlists: Fixed an issue when ejecting a hard drive that contains MegaSeg's playlists could cause an error with the playlist browser open.
Scan for Missing Files: Now displays progress as a percentage, and catches when a track is linked to a folder.
Tags: AAC and M4V files now map the copyright tag to MegaSeg's Publisher field.
Window: The main window remembers its position on a 2nd desktop between launches.
[Pro] Ambient Playlist: If the last item in the list was cued and a track was then removed from the playlist, it no longer prevents the Ambient Playlist from re-starting.
[Pro] AutoSeg: When pausing the current playing track (non-Mixer view) and then pressing the FF, REW, or Play Ending buttons to resume, it no longer fails to AutoSeg when reaching the end.
[Pro] Category Settings: Multi-select no longer causes all Reshuffle settings to change to the same as the first item in the list (or first item selected).
[Pro] Category Settings: Rotation Order tab: Reshuffle Now button no longer grays out unless a track is selected. Also added this button to the Reshuffle Times tab.
[Pro] Decks: Non-Mixer view's current song countdown now updates in real-time based on AutoSeg Trim setting and changing AutoSeg modes.
[Pro] Edit Media: Events: When previewing a track at the same time an event inserts a track or playlist, it no longer causes the Edit dialog to close.
[Pro] Events: Fixed Insert URL streaming audio for Lion.
[Pro] Events: Improvement to stream buffering when a URL track is cued in the playlist.
[Pro] Events: Insert Serial Trigger Break can now send multiple "new line" or return characters within the "Send on Break" text by entering \r. (If you need to send \r as text, escape it with \\r.)
[Pro] Events: Insert Serial Trigger Break now supports 4800 baud, as well as works with other higher baud rates. (Any Serial Trigger events previously set for 9600 baud will need to be edited for backward compatibility.)
[Pro] Events: Option to toggle events on/off with Playlist Start/Stop button no longer toggles events off when a Break Track is played.
[Pro] Events: Standardized Open Playlist and Switch Events text commands to match the Add Event menu items ("Open Playlist" instead of "Load Playlist", and "Switch Events List" instead of "Load Events List". Events lists are backward compatible with older commands).
[Pro] Events: Start Ambient Video Playlist event properly clears the current ambient playlist prior to loading and starting the selected playlist.
[Pro] Events: Toggle Net Logging event now uses "URL On/Off" text rather than "Shout On/Off". (Backward compatible with older event lists.)
[Pro] Events: Using the Append button no longer causes the event list name to change to the appended list. It also auto saves after appending another list.
[Pro] Events: When using multiple event list files, the currently loaded event list is now remembered and reloaded from the original file rather than a generic backup file. This allows multiple systems sharing the same library to use different event lists.
[Pro] Events: When using multiple event lists, the currently loaded event list is autosaved. It's no longer necessary to click Save As to update the currently loaded event list with changes.
[Pro] Logging: Added "filename" and "path" data to the "Send To URL" variable list.
[Pro] Logging: FTP Upload of now playing info works more reliably with subdirectory paths.
[Pro] Logging: The track length is again saved in the log files.
[Pro] Mic Play-thru is more stable by remembering the user preference even when the preset device may not be available during a session.
[Pro] Network: Renaming MegaSeg's network name no longer causes it to rename the Logs folder when not in a multi-system sharing environment.
[Pro] Requests: If the Category Browser was visible prior to showing the Requests list, hiding the Requests list will re-show the Category Browser.
[Pro] Rules: Fixed a bug where Artist Separation Rules were not using exact artist matching causing some false positives.
[Pro] Scheduler Categories: Importing new tracks or editing track's categories will now make sure they are randomly distributed throughout the scheduler's rotation cue, instead of appending them to the end of the rotation in alphabetical order.
[Pro] Scheduler: Tracks dragged directly into the Scheduler convert to UTF8 correctly to prevent missing files.
[Pro] Scheduler: Tracks with play date restrictions are skipped prior to scheduling, rather than allow them to be scheduled and rely on Rules to process them post-scheduling.
[Pro] Show History: Wave Viewer and segues run smoothly while compiling Play History charts, and the progress can also be canceled.
[Pro] Tags: Individual track's color codes are saved as MegaSeg tags.
[Pro] The command shortcut for Mic On/Off is now Command-Option-,
[Pro] Video: The Video menu options are now remembered between sessions for "Open when video plays", "Always Open", and "Always Closed".
[Pro] Video: When the "Hide Menu Bar on Full Screen" option is enabled, the menu will auto-show when the mouse is moved to the top of the screen.
[Pro] Web Commands: Nicecast Start/Stop broadcasting command now requires MegaSeg Admin password if set.
Various interface and other improvements.
MegaSeg DJ v 5.6 Mar 8, 2011 MacOS X UB
New in MegaSeg 5.6:
* Auto Volume Control: iTunes Sound Check is now supported as an alternative to the real-time Automatic Volume Control option.
* BPM Tapper: Revised layout and now slides in. New T key shortcut activates the tapper while deck has the focus. New improved tapping algorithm is more accurate regardless of minor tapping mistakes. Press the T key instead of the spacebar for longer more accurate readings (up to 37 taps). The Return or Y key ends tapping at any time once satisfied.
* Edit Media: Intro times are now accurate to a tenth of a second. You can now explicitly set a cold intro (":00.0") which will be visible in the playlist and library. The new Voice Over back-time feature respects explicitly set cold intros. An intro of :00 (without a tenth placeholder) will be considered unedited for backward compatibility with Voice Overs.
* List view preferences now affects Category Browser, Playlist Browser, and Ambient Playlist views, including font size, face, and colors. The Logs and Hot Keys windows also use your color preferences.
* Logging: Added new built-in FTP upload feature to send "Now Playing" info. The Send To URL option's FTP mode sends the NowPlaying, ComingUp, and RecentlyPlayed files to your FTP server automatically after each segue.
* Printing: You can now print directly from the Logs and Show History windows using Command-P (or Print from the File menu).
* MIDI: Added a Numark DJ2GO controller preset.
* Mixer: MIDI controller wheels can now scrub the Wave Viewer for analog style cueing (just like Magic Mouse and Trackpads scrolling). While a track is playing, the jog wheels also performs bump and dip pitch adjustments.
* Voice Over tracks are now automatically back-timed into the intros of the following track in the playlist. For example, if the length of the voice over track is :30 seconds, and the intro of the following track is :10 seconds, then the following track will automatically start 20 seconds into the voiceover track. While the next track is playing under the voice over it will be attenuated based on the "Mic Attenuation" setting in the Playback preferences.
* Events: Added "Playlist Start/Stop Toggles Events" option to toggle events on/off automatically with the playlist stop/start button.
* Events: Added a new events to start an ambient playlist and toggle Rules on and off.
* Menu: Added menu commands with keyboard shortcuts for Events On/Off (Shift-Command-\) and Rules On/Off (Control-Command-\).
* Playlist: Added menu commands for Sort By Category, Date Added, and Time.
* Rules: Added an Enable Rules checkbox to the Rules settings and a Rules On/Off button to the main screen for easy toggling of all rule options.
* Scheduler: Added "Reshuffle Now" button to the Rotation Order tab in the Category Settings dialog.

Feature Improvements:
* Album Art: Added preference to hide album artwork.
* Ambient Playlist: When the Ambient Playlist is visible, the Save, Random, and Clear buttons not function for the Ambient Playlist, as well as the Playlist Browser's Open, Append, and Prefix buttons for opening saved playlists into the Ambient Playlist. (Note only native MegaSeg playlists are currently supported).
* Auto Volume Control: Now updates while importing and other tasks are processing.
* Center buttons between library and playlist now fade in together when moused over anywhere in the center area.
* Decks: Transport knob updates more frequently while FF/Rew.
* Edit: You can now position the timeline slider and click Set for Intro or Start Time without being in play mode.
* Importing: The iTunes Library import option now limits the scan to new files from the last import date. You can reset this date in the Import Options dialog.
* Library and Playlist displays now have alternating row highlights.
* Library: Improved support for libraries and playlists with over 100,000 tracks.
* Playlists can display :00 intro times.
* List displays are rendered much faster when using fonts other than the system default (Lucida Grande).
* Log window now has a BPM and Category column visible by default.
* Logging: NowPlaying.html iTunes badge is now linked directly to the artist and album page on the iTunes store if available.
* Logs: In cases where multiple systems are sharing the same MegaSeg data folder (for syncing and library/playlist sharing), MegaSeg now detects this automatically and creates a unique Logs folder for each system. The folder name is based on the MegaSeg System name in MegaSeg's Network settings. If that is not unique, then the computer name is added. If that is not unique, the Mac's UUID is used. You can rename the Logs folder using the System Name setting in MegaSeg's Network preferences dialog.
* Loop Playlist setting is now remembered between sessions.
* MIDI: Numark's Mixtrack controller preset now supports LED indicators.
* iTunes playlists are now loaded via a new threading model to prevent potential delays with large iTunes libraries.
* Playlist Browser: Now adjusts the file viewing width depending on the available window size.
* Playlist: Dragging a track into the library to remove it from the playlist now shows the Mac "cloud poof" animation.
* Popup Info: Less likely to flicker popups while moving the mouse around the list. You can also dismiss a popup by moving the mouse left or right slightly.
* Wave Viewer: Mouse cursor turns to a hand to better communicate you can drag to adjust pitch or scroll to scrub.

Important Fixes:
* Auto Volume Control: Additional headroom when using certain finicky output devices.
* Events: Fixed an Insert pre-download URL bug where in some cases it would fail.
* Break Tracks in the playlist no longer cause bounds errors in certain rare cases involving Events, missing tracks, duplicating tracks, and the scan for missing files command.
* Importing: iTunes Library import scan no longer includes files that are missing in iTunes.
* Built-in web server for "Now Playing" info shows the album art correctly.
* Playlist Browser: When previewing a very large list, a progress dialog appears.
* Playlists: Removing a duplicate track from the playlist does not cause the selection to jump to its duplicate.
* Playlists: Removing a track from the playlist updates the correct in-playlist marks.
* Preview: Clicking the background around the preview player no longer causes list to de-select and close the player.
* Scan For Missing Files: Fixed a potential Unsupported Format message.
* Scheduler: Optimized the Scheduler tab to reduce potential delays with large playlists or categories.
* Scan For Missing Files: In cases where the physical drive was swapped with a new one with the same name, and there are missing files, it's less likely to link to the wrong files.

Minor Changes and Other Refinements:
* Ambient Playlist: Fixed a possible IO error when the disk is full and saving the Ambient Playlist backup file.
* Ambient Playlist: Multi-select drag from library now puts tracks in correct order.
* Auto Volume Control: Fixed a bug where it would fail to start with the tracks default volume.
* Edit Media: Fixed a multi-select editing bug where setting the volume above 100% would not scale to the newer 3x range.
* Edit Media: When editing a missing track, it no longer complains about validating the end time.
* Events: Insert URL event no longer resets the category of the inserted URL track to URLevents if it had been previously assigned another category.
* Fixed a visual glitch when using multiple displays and swapping Category and Playlist Browsers.
* Folders View: Up/Down arrow keys and type-to-select works.
* Library and Playlist: Translucent drag items no longer lag behind the mouse when dragging quickly.
* Library count display is refreshed after importing new tracks in all cases.
* Library Tools: Library Text Cleaner displays a progress dialog if necessary.
* Library Tools: Renamed the "Select User Data folder" menu command to "Select MegaSeg Data Folder".
* MegaSeg's main volume control is automatically maximized at each launch for the best signal-to-noise ratio.
* Network Settings: The shared systems list refreshes consistently.
* Playlist Browser: Better handles playlist tracks saved in an older MegaSeg playlist format.
* Playlist Viewer: Using Command-O to open the playlist view focuses the keyboard on the file list.
* Playlist: Fixed an issue where the playlist cue count could show a negative number.
* Playlist: The Remove Duplicates menu command recalculates the total playlist time.
* Playlist: The playlist row selection is updated after sorting.
* Playlists: Fixed a bug when a streaming URL track is in the playlist at startup that could cause the artist field to duplicate information.
* Playlists: Saved playlist files now contain more metadata information and have improved import compatibility with iTunes.
* Playlists: Optimized opening very large MegaSeg playlists.
* Playlists: Sorting the playlist shows a progress dialog if necessary.
* Scheduler: New categories default to "Every 1 Rotation" for the reshuffle time setting.
* Scheduler: Saves playlists with absolute tracks using the newer tabbed format.
* Scheduler: You can use type-to-select in the Category Settings dialog.
* Streaming: When a live stream connection drops, there is an extra delay between retries in order to ensure proper reset.
* Wave Viewer: Fixed bug where if you click the wave viewer while the deck is stopped or paused, it starts the track but failed to show the wave and blocked the drag-to-pitch function.
* Web Commands: ComingUp and RecentlyPlayed web commands work with customized templates that use a different extensions.
* Various minor interface changes.
MegaSeg DJ v 5.5.7 Jan 4, 2011 MacOS X UB
* Ambient Playlist (Pro): Now auto-saves on quit and reloads on startup.
* Importing: Fast iTunes Library importing now respects the Import to Category popup menu.
* Importing (Pro): Fast iTunes Library importing respects the Use Genre Tag As Category option.
* Library Tools: Scan for missing files: Fixed possible Unsupported Format error.
* Playlists: Fixed an error when removing tracks from the playlist while using Break tracks.
MegaSeg DJ v 5.5.6 Dec 31, 2010 MacOS X UB
* Categories: Fixed an error when reaching 500 categories.
* Edit Dialog: Fixed a bug where the volume setting did not reflect the actual value.
* Folders View: Major speed optimizations, especially with very large libraries and removing folders with many tracks or sub-folders inside.
* Importing: Added import options for iTunes Library importer to filter by media types (Music Videos, Podcasts, Movies, etc.)
* Importing: Faster scan for new iTunes tracks, especially with very large libraries.
* Importing: Fixed missing Play Counts when using the iTunes Library import option.
* Importing: Resolved a possible Unsupported Formated error when importing iTunes.
* Library: Optimized speed of removing multiple-selected tracks from the library or playlist.
* Playlists: Fixed a bug where a track not yet imported from a playlist could cause the import dialog to stay open.
* Playlists: Fixed a bug where playlist tracks could appear missing if the file location changed, yet is still available in the MegaSeg library.
* Playlists: Fixed a glitch when removing a block of tracks in the middle of a long list that would cause the scroll position to jump.
* Playlists: If opening a playlist causes tracks to be imported, it no longer hides the playlist browser.
* Other minor interface changes.
MegaSeg DJ v 5.5.5 Dec 16, 2010 MacOS X UB
* AutoSeg: When AutoSeg is enabled, and the current song ends, if the next deck is already playing, it no longer restarts the track from the beginning. This solves the problem of forgetting AutoSeg is on while doing a manual mix.
* Category Editor: A possible fix for a missing object error when closing the dialog.
* Decks: Fixed a bug where the decks would not accept tracks dragged from the iTunes playlist viewer directly.
* Importing: New blazing fast iTunes importing option. The old iTunes Spotlight import button was replaced with the new iTunes Library importer. The new iTunes importer will also retain the "Date Added" date from your iTunes Library.
* Importing: When a new user starts MegaSeg the first time, the iTunes library is pre-imported automatically.
* Library Data: For new users the data folder that contains the MegaSeg's database, playlists, events, and log files is no longer stored in the Documents folder inside a folder named "MegaSeg User Data". The new location is in the Music folder inside a "MegaSeg" subfolder. However, if MegaSeg finds the old "MegaSeg User Data" folder in your Documents, it will continue to use that location, or your custom preference setting.
* Library Data: When selecting a new MegaSeg User Data folder location preference, you can now use the New Folder button or any empty folder to create a new empty library.
* Library: The Date Added sort order is now newest to oldest.
* Log text filenames now use "Log yyyy-mm-dd" format.
* MIDI: EQ values now control a larger range, and fixed a bug with Mid EQ not centered in range.
* MIDI: Fixed bug where if Automatic Volume Control is enabled, adjusting the right deck's gain control would not temporarily stop AVC.
* MIDI: Much improved jog wheel responsiveness with Hercules controllers, and Fixed a bug that caused the left deck's jog wheel to not respond correctly.
* MIDI: Right gain control now works the full 3x boost range.
* Playlists: Added playlist autosave on Quit for playlist persistance.
* Playlists: Double-clicking a track in a playlist that has not yet been imported will attempt to auto-import it and add it to the playlist cue.
* Playlists: Drag-n-drop a track from an iTunes playlist in the playlist browser now works correctly in cases where the iTunes file path may be missing but MegaSeg has a valid reference regardless.
* Playlists: Fixed a bug when opening a saved playlist that prevented tracks that start with a pound sign (#) or colon (:) from loading.
* Playlists: When opening an iTunes playlist with tracks not previously imported, you can now cancel the import faster.
* Scheduler: Accepts drag-n-drop of tracks from iTunes playlist view.
* Various interface changes.
MegaSeg DJ v 5.5.4 Dec 5, 2010 MacOS X UB
* Automatic Volume Control adjusted to prevent excess pumping.
* MIDI: Added a preset for Numark's MIXTRACK DJ controller.
* MIDI: If Pitch Bend codes are sent with MIDI value of 0, it no longer does the opposite bend.
* MIDI: Added Preview/Cue Volume control function.
* MIDI: Added option for inverse crossfader values.
* MIDI: Added Clear button to easily reset a MIDI code value to 0.
* Playlists: Fix for an unsupported format exception when selecting iTunes playlists with "empty tracks".
* Stream playback reconnect attempts are now performed while the next track starts playing in the playlist (i.e. no dead air during reconnect attempts).
* Streaming: Fix for streaming playback reconnection issue where each reconnect attempt would spawn a new connection without closing the prior server connection.
* Video: Fixed an issue that could cause an intermittent freeze when segueing to a new video track.
* Wave Viewer: Fixed an issue where dragging the transport bar could cause odd wave displays.
* Mixer: After a Segue or Advance, the next deck is visually cleared instantly and no longer shows different settings prior to loading a new track.
* Network Sync: Fixed a rare case where two systems running MegaSeg on the same network would assume they were sharing libraries if the usernames were the same.
* Fixed an issue where missing files could cause delays while scanning for missing files.
* Fixed an NSInvalidArgument error on some systems.
* Various interface improvements.
MegaSeg DJ v 5.5.2 Nov 23, 2010 MacOS X UB
* Highlights include a stability fix for the category browser and improvements to ambient video, album art, editing, logging, the mixer, multi select drag-n-drop, playlists, the scheduler, video, the wave viewer, and more...
* Album art: When in Discrete Output Mode, album covers update correctly in non-Mixer view, and the left cover doesn't flicker every other segue.
* Ambient Video: Fixed an issue where certain video files would not clear from the background when the next video was a different aspect ratio.
* Ambient Video: While an ambient video is playing full screen, and a new track starts in the main playlist (non-video), the menubar and dock no longer reappear.
* Automatic Volume Control performs better with certain styles of music that could cause over suppression.
* Category Browser: Fixed a rare but potential crash when opening or closing the Category Browser.
* Edit dialog: The Restrict Play Date fields are no longer difficult to set. It now waits for the date field to lose focus before validating and updating the opposite date field to the correct range.
* Edit dialog: The volume setting now supports the same 300% boost range as the Mixer.
* Library: Dragging multiple tracks at once into the playlist no longer causes the Library to lose its selection.
* Library: Imported files that are moved to the Trash via the Finder on external volumes are no longer automatically found and re-linked.
* Library: Optimized file operations when multiple volumes are mounted, especially network cloud volumes.
* Logging: Fixed various bugs with the Send To URL feature, including issues using two URLs and/or passwords, and sending to a secured URL.
* Logging: The NowPlaying.html output changes to "n/a" when the playlist stops or breaks.
* Mixer: The headphone preview mode now displays a cue volume control on the bottom left corner.
* Mixer: Dragging the Deck's transport bar to the end will no longer cause it to immediately AutoSeg while the mouse is held down. Also fixes an issue where a single click in the transport timeline and the mouse is moved immediately afterward could cause it to change to a different position.
* Mixer: If Advance is clicked (or while in Discrete Output Mode, Advance or Segue) and the track has less remaining time than the crossfade duration, it will no longer cause a double segue.
* Mixer: Fixed a bug where the crossfader and Wave Viewer would not animate during an AutoSegue in Discrete Output Mode.
* Mixer: Fixed an issue when using drag-n-drop to load a track into a deck where it could fail to update the segue time under certain circumstances, causing a possible pre-mature segue.
* Mixer: Fixed a delay when you click the timeline transport to jump to the end of a long track.
* Mixer: When AutoSeg is enabled, and AutoSeg trim is set for more than 0 seconds, the Mixer's timeline bar now reflects the trimmed length.
* Playlist: Drag-n-drop of multiple tracks into the playlist now remain selected.
* Playlist: Fixed a bug that prevented moving multiple tracks at once in the Playlist. You can now Command-click or Shift-click to select multiple tracks and drag them into new positions at once.
* Playlist: Selecting a new track from an iTunes playlist that is not yet imported, yet another version with the same title was previously imported, it no longer resolves to the already imported version. (For example, if you have a new karaoke version of an existing track.)
* Playlist: Break tracks no longer cause a double fade out when using the Advance button in the mixer or while using Discrete Output Mode.
* Scheduler: When closing the preferences window after saving a schedule, it now properly clears the Scheduler.
* Video: Optimized video playback when scaling up processor intensive codecs larger than double size. If the frame rate is not optional in full screen, set the screen resolution closer to the video's native size.
* Wave Viewer: Pressing Play or Stop quickly after using the trackpad to cue or adjust the pitch no longer blocks trackpad cueing or playback.
* Wave Viewer: When the pitch is adjusted, and a track is re-cued (stopped), the wave is repositioned correctly.
* Web Commands: Added new web control commands: PlaylistStop, PlaylistStart, PlaylistToggle, NicecastStop, NicecastStart, and InsertCategory.
* Web Commands: The Insert track command correctly parses URL encoded and UTF-8 characters, and reports any errors back to the browser.
* Web Commands: The NowPlaying command now works with non-HTML templates.
* Various other minor interface improvements.
MegaSeg DJ v 5.5.1 Oct 25, 2010 MacOS X UB
* Mixer: Trackpad and Magic Mouse scrolling in Decks and Mixer are more focused to each control. This reduces the chance of accidentally adjusting the cue position of a track while clicking other transport buttons with the Magic Mouse (which uses single-finger scrolling). For example, the mouse must be within a few pixels of the transport timeline slider to scroll it.
* Fixed a tag reading bug that could cause a spinning beach ball cursor while importing or playing certain mp4 and m4a files created or tagged with Sound Grinder and Logic Pro.
* Improved performance while Time Machine is backing up, especially via the wireless Time Capsule.
* Scheduler: Fixed a "shoeboxRefresh" bounds error while editing a track.
* Optimized Scan For Missing Files, and automatic location of missing files algorithm.
* Playlist drag-n-drop scrolling at top edge no longer stops scrolling one row from the top.
* Wave Viewer: When loading a new track into a deck it clears wave residue from the previous track.
* Importing: While importing from iTunes with Spotlight, the count of files imported is now correct.
* Fixed a delay issue when using events to load a playlist at startup. It now starts without any hesitations.
* The Scan for Missing Files report window includes the count of files removed or missing, eliminating the need for an additional dialog.
* MIDI: Fixed an error receiving certain MIDI control codes.
* Send Now Playing to URL's Name field is no longer a password style field.
* Events: Insert Break Serial Trigger 5-minute failsafe timer is stopped if you manually segue or advance before the deadline.
* Now Playing HTML Template: Corrected new tags that contained extra spaces in the tag text
* Now Playing HTML Template: The Artwork True/False tag is now replaced with un-capitalized true/false text for compatibility with JavaScript boolean values and string comparisons.
MegaSeg DJ v 5.5 Oct 14, 2010 MacOS X UB
* New Waveform Viewer for easy visual mixing and beat syncing, including support for trackpad scrubbing (or mouse scroll wheel) for speed adjustments, or drag-to-shift syncing. Allows high speed rewind and fast forward skimming, and is fully compatible with iTunes protected files (m4p). Also supports analog style cueing while paused with two-finger trackpad scrolling (or mouse wheel).
* New Album art displays for current track, and both decks in Mixer view.
* New Audio and Video filter checkboxes in Category Browser to find files by kind.
* New Rules for minimum title and album separation for finer control, and also prevents the same songs performed by different artists from playing too close together (covers, standards, etc.) The Album separation rule is also helpful for DMCA compliance for online streaming.
* New video icon displays next to video tracks in the library and playlist.
* New gain controls allow up to +300% level adjustment in the Mixer.
* New bass and treble controls allow for super deep filters via parametric sweeps. The knobs can rotate counterclockwise multiple times for up to -6x power adjustments. Full backward rotation will nearly filter all sound except the very highest or lowest frequencies. The max value is also 2x more powerful than before.
* New high resolution app icon.
* New improved MPEG-4/MOV/AAC tag reading code.
* New multi-column report window for missing or removed files.
* Ambient Video: Added Video menu command for "Ambient Video Override", which allows you to play Music Video tracks in the main playlist as audio only while Ambient Video is playing.
* Ambient Video: If Video Always Closed menu is checked, it now pauses the Ambient playlist which prevents it from re-opening the video window.
* Ambient Video: When Ambient Video is turned On while a music video is playing then turned off again, it now returns to the main playlist video.
* AppleScript: Added "Insert Category" function.
* Automatic Volume Control is more responsive with a deeper threshold.
* AutoSeg mode is now stored to disk as a preference when changed, rather than at quit.
* Category browser reflects the Library's color and font size preferences.
* Drag-n-drop a track from iTunes into MegaSeg's playlist will no longer cause an error if the track was not able to be imported or found in the library.
* Drag-n-drop in the list displays now shows a ghost image of the track being dragged.
* Drag-n-Drop: Added translucent drag to Scheduler, Open Playlist, Decks, and Log window.
* Edit Categories: Remove old unnecessary block that prevented categories being added that started with non 0-9 and a-z characters (#, !, $, etc.) Also allows for single character categories.

+ many bug fixes
MegaSeg DJ v 5.1 Jan 7, 2010 MacOS X UB
* Events: Fixed an issue when using the Insert Playlist event that would sometimes insert a wrong playlist.

* Events: Fixed a display issue with Select Time/Date dialog. (This also fixes an intermittent crash that could occur.)

* Events: Insert Track event no longer relies on the search box, causing visual interruption to the library or saved playlists view. This also fixes an issue where it would intermittently leave the search display in an odd state (with search results for the text "search"), and possibly insert the wrong track on a rare occasion.

* Events: Insert URL Track or Stream event dialog's pre-download option was moved to the Time of Event dialog that follows it, under the options section. This solves a problem where sometimes you could not adjust the pre-download setting after the re-ordered dialogs in version 5.0. Note pre-downloading is only supported for non-streaming URLS using the Time/Date, Minutes Past Hour, or Every X Minutes event triggers.

* Fixed a maloc double free object error.

* Fixed an issue where UTF-8 text might not be interrupted correctly in the Event list or Log viewer.

* Fixed console warning message regarding AutoRelease Pool.

* Fixed issue with reading certain ID3 comments fields incorrectly, and added safety filter to truncate excessively long tags.

* Fixed warning in console referring to NSDocumentController and CFBundleTypeRole. Role is now defined as Editor.

* Hot Keys: No longer has a playback delay when using an external audio device (e.g. iMic) and a hot key is not used for over 30 seconds.

* ID3 Tags: Added scan for corrupt ID3 tags in library which re-imports a corrected version of the tag automatically (this is checked once per version update).

* ID3 Tags: Created a solution for ID3 tags that are labeled as a Latin-1 encoding but actually are Mac Roman or UTF-8, which would result in possible junk characters.

* ID3 Tags: ID3 v2.4 relative volume tags (RVA2) are now properly supported.

* ID3 Tags: If no TPE1 field is found ("Artist") then it will look for a TPE2 field ("Band/Orchestra"). Most often TPE1 are used for both bands or solo artists.

* ID3 Tags: Improved reading of comment frames including better filters for skipping over iTunes data frames.

* ID3 Tags: Fixed an ID3 v1.1 tag reading bug where it would include leftover text in a field.

* Importing: Added additional checks to prevent importing apps and other bundles.

* Importing: Added support and filters for new iTunes Media file structure.

* Importing: Removes "m4v" extension from Filter Extensions import options preference. This is a one-time removal for previous versions that had this set as a default. You can add this back if you do not want MegaSeg to import music videos with the m4v extension.

* Keep Drive Spinning code now ignores when a Time Capsule is mounted for a Time Machine backup, which should prevent delays.

* Known Issue: The infra-red Apple Remote does not function in "exclusive mode" with Mac OS X 10.6.0 through 10.6.1 (this means iTunes starts and stops in unison with MegaSeg). Apple fixed this problem in the 10.6.2 update released on 11/9/09.

* Library and Playlist displays now draw the last partial row instead of a blank black background when list is at odd heights (not divisible by row height). Clicking this partial row will cause it to autoscroll into full view and be selected.

* Limited display of single-line notes to 128 characters (affects track info popups and log files).

* Logging: The RecentlyPlayed log file can now output the last 30 tracks when using a custom template.

* MIDI: Fixed an issue when in Discrete Output Mode, sending a Preview command for either the left or right deck would cause it to swap outputs and display a preview volume knob.

* Notes search results can be cleared using the "X" in the general search box.

* Optimized logging code regarding notes/comments tag field.

* Playback: Protected AAC files (.m4p extension files) no longer cause a delay and audio dropout the first time one is cued in the playlist. (This issue was recently introduced with a QuickTime, iTunes, or OS X update.)

* Popup info display updates faster when mousing over multiple tracks.

* Preferences: Clicking on the output settings popup menus no longer resets the Discrete Output Mode setting to the default each time.

* Re-Import Tags correctly grabs the publisher tag.

* Reading iTunes XML file to locate the Music Folder location is now UTF8 compatible.

* Reading Notes/Comments from resources now bypass expensive search for missing files which could cause delays.

* Rules: Optimized Artist Separation and Previous Day/Hour code. No longer parses massive strings which could cause dropouts if log files are corrupted with junk tag data.

* Search: Fixed issue where category browser display will be shown after clearing a search even in cases where it was not displayed before starting the search.

* Segue: Fixed a bug where if you click Segue quickly in succession to skip a song that just started, it would not fadeout and continue to play in the background. (This issue only happened when the Fade-Out Time setting was set longer than 0 seconds, and you clicked Segue twice within the Fade-In Time period.)

* Segue: Fixed an issue where if you start a track playing on the left deck, and then stop the playlist (Command-G or Stop Playlist button), then re-start the left deck clicking the deck's Play button, then click Segue or Start Playlist, the song that was playing would not fade out and continue to play.

* Segue: If a long Fade-In Time preference is set (longer than 0 seconds), and you click Segue to start a new song before it completed a fade-in, the audio level no longer jumps to full volume to start the fade-out. The fade-out starts at the current fade-in volume.

* There is no longer a delay when cueing the first track after launching MegaSeg.

* You can now preview streaming URL tracks from the Library without getting a "missing file" error. (Note streaming URL tracks are not currently routable to outputs other than the default system output as set in the System Preferences.)
MegaSeg DJ v 3.1.5 Aug 18, 2005 MacOS X PPC
  • Fixed a bug when the Mixer is open, the Remain time countdown would intermittently not update or display correctly when in AutoSeg mode.

  • Fixed bug when Mixer is closed and in Discrete Output Mode, the current displayed track would always show [Output 1].

  • Fixed a few other rare and minor Discrete Output Mode issues.

  • Remaining time in the current playing mixer when in AutoSeg mode now reflects the AutoSeg Trim Time when no custom segue time is set.

  • Fixed problem when clicking Set BPM, then pressing Cancel would display a dialog saying the BPM was Set.

  • Added Show File command to File menu (Option-Command-R)

  • The Library Tools Tag Import feature will no longer reset tags that are empty.

  • Fixed a possible "Missing Object" error when the Open Playlist dialog is opened
  • MegaSeg DJ v 3.01 Apr 2, 2005 MacOS X PPC
    MegaSeg DJ v 2.7.4 Oct 20, 2004 MacOS X PPC
  • Improved AAC and MP3 ID3 tag reading, including a bug that prevented the tag info from showing up for many iTunes Music Store songs.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented ID3v1 genre tags from being read during an import.

  • .m4a, .m4p, and .mp4 are now checked for proper type and creator codes to allow importing if not set correctly.

  • When importing AAC encoded files, it no longer assigns a BPM of 52 if not previously assigned.

  • Added code to block .m4b and .m3u files from importing.

  • Fixed a bug in the scheduler that would not mark the current schedule as being changed when clicking Insert Break.

  • Fixed a bug in the Scheduler that caused it to remove all breaks when opening a saved schedule.

  • If the next song is playing while pausing the current song with the turntable effect, it no longer causes the next song to pause momentarily.

  • Fixed a bug that stripped Playlist Breaks from a saved playlist.
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    version 2.7.4, MacOS X PPC
    Actually the version is 3.0.1 but was not available in the check box. I have been using MegaSeg for going on 3 years starting with version 2.4. Coming from radio, I am used to it's interface as it is very similar to On-Air automation software. Very straighforward with an excellent auto-beat match for auto segways, and a manual mixer that mimics a dennon DJ mixer very well. I have just started using the DUAL mode instead of program and preview and love it. One addition I would like to see is hot switching between playlists so I could go from one Genre and back to another and return to where I left off. Most recent version has eliminated puncuation in the search which helps alot.
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