Category Audio Production / Virtual Instruments
Version 1.0
Format VST
Compatibility HarmonicalMacOS X PPC
License Freeware
Price Free
Updated On May 11, 2005
Total Downloads 6,617
Mac Downloads 4,368
Category Audio Production / Virtual Instruments
Version 1.0
Format VST
Compatibility HarmonicalWindows
License Freeware
Price Free
Updated On Jun 4, 2005
Total Downloads 6,617
PC Downloads 2,249

Additive synthesis

A crazy instrument which uses spherical harmonics to modulate the vertices of a sphere. These vertices are then used to generate waveforms for a simplistic additive synthesis engine. Pretty high cpu usage due to the need to re-calculate 1024 vertices 100 times a second though :-( .
Harmonical Harmonical v 1.0 May 11, 2005 MacOS X PPC
Harmonical Harmonical v 1.0 Jun 4, 2005 Windows
Ndc Plugs

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Amplitude modulation. Takes 2 stereo inputs and imposes the amplitude envelope of the first one on the second one. Also has a threshold level for the second input, so that when the...
Buffer Synth 2
Buffer manipulation plugin. Buffer Synth 2 is a buffer manipulation plugin, designed to do a number of different things with audio buffers . It could be thought of as a cross between GRM...
Buffer Synth Alpha
Lo-fi effect. Buffer Synth Alpha is a pretty lo-fi effect. When you send it a MIDI note, it will play back the contents of its buffer at the note's pitch.
Cycle Shifter
Reinjection effect. Reads in a cycle's-worth of the input signal, then (once the whole cycle's been read in) outputs it again, on top of the current output. Works best with...
Distortionator Mk2
Distortion. A simplistic distortion plugin, with two modes. The first mode is a modified threshold-type distortion (although the modification isn't particularly noticeable,...
Feedback-y Thing
Delay. Basically a delay set to work with very short delay times, and high feedback. It's most useful (imo) on guitars, as a kind of fake (amp) feedback effect. (sorry...
Hard-Boiled Wonderland
Additive synth. Simple 5 oscillator (monophonic) additive synth, with a simplistic scope so you can see what kind of waveform you're creating.
MIDI-Controlled ADSR
ADSR envelope triggered with MIDI notes.. A simple ADSR envelope plugin, triggered with MIDI notes.
My First Step Sequencer
Step sequencer for children. My First Step Sequencer is a simple 16-(or 8-)step sequencer aimed at children. It comes with a shuffle mode and a note randomise button, as well as a...
ndcMIDI plugin pack
MIDI filters. A pack of MIDI utility plugins I made to use with Tracktion's Rack Filters (though they'll probably work in most hosts). Uses the Simple Controls library of...
Tempo-sync-able tremolo. Tempo-sync-able tremolo effect. It allows you to choose where in the oscillator's cycle it's reset to on the bar start, and also allows you to use it as an...
Particle Fountain
Synthesizer. A monophonic synth which attaches a sound (either a sawtooth or a square wave) to a bunch of particles, which move in a 2d space like a fountain. The particles'...
Random Pattern Delay
Pattern delay. A pitched (i.e. very short) delay effect, with a pattern sequencer to control it. Not the most useful plugin, but you might find a place for it if you like weird...
Reverse effect. A simplistic realtime audio-reversing plugin
Rhythmic Metalisation Delay
Special delay. A fairly simple delay plugin which also has a 'Rhythmic Mode'. Basically this alters the delay time in a sequence using very short delay times, which gives a...
Simple Colour Organ
Colour organ. This is a simple opengl plugin based on the 'colour organ' ideas of people like Father Louis Bertrand Castel and A. Wallace Rimington, where musical notes are...
Synth. Simple sine wave synthesizer with 128 note polyphony and an amplitude and a pitch envelope (ADSR).
Soul Force
Waveshaping. A fairly standard waveshaping distortion plugin, made more interesting through the use of feedback to control the shaping. Can get pretty loud and obnoxious. The...
Tempo Sync Reverser
Reverse effect. Reverses the sound for a set amount of time (set according to note length) when the Reverse button is pressed. Probably best in a live environment, hence the...
The Modulator 2
Modulations. A comprehensive modulation effect, offering 3 types of modulation of audio signals: amplitude modulation, ring modulation, and frequency modulation. There are...
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