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Updated On Sep 28, 2007
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Music notation software

Music notation software. Made by Adept Notation Music Software
1) It produces professional quality PostScript output which is as good as or better than that of any desktop Notation program.
2) It can play and record with rock-solid timing using Midi instruments.
3) It lets you create scores quickly; its flexibility is a boon to your creativity. Cut and paste, transpose, drag almost anything in your score, quickly add and delete parts and extract them with one click, etc
Nightingale Nightingale v 5.2 Sep 28, 2007 MacOS X PPC
* A Combine Parts command (in the score menu) puts separate parts adjacent to each other into one part encompassing all the staves. This is useful for combining two staves into a grand staff for a piano reduction, for example, or for extracting several parts together.
* Tempo marks are now exported to MIDI files.
* Tempo marks are now imported from MIDI files.
* In the palette, there is a new icon which allows for a patch change mid-file within a part. This is useful if your cello part has both bowed (patch 43) and pizzed (patch 46) notes, among other examples, and you want to hear the different sounds played back.
* The MIDI Map command allows you to assign different MIDI notes for playback, overriding what might be indicated by the notation.
* A Midi controller for pan is now available; values can be be inserted in multiple places in multiple parts for stereo output to extreme left or right or anywhere in between.
* The pedal up/down marks are now active Midi Controllers.
* Command keys added for Save As, Page Setup, Save PostScript, Page Numbers, Set Whole/Multibar Rests, Transpose Key, Add Modifiers, Break Beam Before, and Show Invisibles.
* Fixed a bug wherein repeat bars extended past the staff when part of grand staff had been hidden.
* Version 5.2.2 fixed a bug in v.5.2.1 which caused invisible staves when the page setup scale was set below 30.
* Version 5.2.3 was withdrawn.
* Version 5.2.4 fixed a cursor display bug in v.5.2.2.
* Version 5.2.5 fixed a 5.2.4 bug which led to corrupt PostScript files. This was manifested in printing and PostScript saves, and was worse in smaller staff sizes. It also eliminated excessive time lags and occasional launch failures seen in some systems in v.5.2.2. In addition, the 'Double Selection' command key equivalent was changed to Command-Shift-D.
[Note: do not use PostScript files generated in version 5.2.4 (or 5.2.3.) Open your score files and generate PostScript files in v.5.2.5.]
Adept Music Notation Solutions
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