Category Audio Production / Virtual Instruments
Version 2.0
Format TDM
Compatibility AuroraMacOS X PPC
License Commercial Software
Price $699  /  661€
Updated On Jan 29, 2006
Total Downloads 1,058
Mac Downloads 1,058


Aurora is an advanced plug-in synth for Pro Tools|HD® Accel systems that combines amazing sounds with the dynamic interaction and tonal refinement of a traditional instrument.

Aurora offers unparalleled sound synthesis with eight complex Tone Partials, each with built-in modulation and stereo panning, independent, multi-step envelopes for every parameter, and dynamic polyphony that permits voicing of 16 to 128 or more notes.

In addition to its sound generating capabilities, Aurora has a number of real-time dynamics features that open new avenues of expression for musicians. Each parameter can have a separate value for the lowest and highest key velocity, so that the sound can transform dramatically - even the user-defined tunings can be affected by velocity. Other real-time features include MIDI controller mapping to specific partial parameters, which allows a player to manipulate fundamental aspects of a patch on the fly.
Mac-based Digidesign Pro Tools TDM system with HD® Accel hardware, running Pro Tools 6.2 or newer software. A PACE iLok USB Smart Key (purchased separately) and an account are also required for licensing
Aurora Aurora v 2.0 Jan 29, 2006 MacOS X PPC
Unique to Aurora 2.0 is the introduction of Noise Modulation into the synthesis chain. For the first time, noise can be used to fundamentally distort sound waves and quickly create extraordinarily rich tones, from subtle turbulence effects to fields of tunable, broadband noise. Aurora is the first synthesizer to offer this method of tone generation and
it promises whole new categories of sounds for performing musicians and sound designers alike.

Another class of features unique to Aurora 2.0 are the Parametric Sequencers for creating MIDI sync'd rhythms that directly control the output of the tone's main parameters. Each 32-step Sequencer has its own speed, loop point and lag-time, so they can run independently, even in separate time signatures for complex polyrhythms. The Parametric Sequencers can be used in countless ways to add distinctive, beat-based effects to specific aspects of a tone.

In addition to its new sound generation capabilities, Aurora v2.0 offers a redesigned and expanded visual interface, with multiple edit modes and richly detailed graphic displays.
Unitonic Aurora Aurora v 1.0 Oct 29, 2004 MacOS X PPC
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