WaveBurner Pro

Category Miscellaneous / CD Burners
Version 2.2.1
Format App
Compatibility WaveBurner ProMacOS 9
License Commercial Software
Updated On Apr 18, 2003
Total Downloads 5,633
Mac Downloads 5,633

Audio CD Mastering

WaveBurner is a software for Audio CD Mastering using the Mac. Used in connection with an Audiowerk2 card, (includes WaveBurner), or an Audiowerk8 card, it can record DAT tapes, (or other sources), directly to hard disk. Converts in real time, during recording and is ready to create master CD whether for glassmaster, archive, or Redbook master for final duplication.
WaveBurner Pro WaveBurner Pro v 2.2.1 Apr 18, 2003 MacOS 9
S-Shaped Crossfade Curves
Optimized processing of fades
Further improvements
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version 2.2.1, MacOS 9
An excellent application for audio cd burning!
It's a pity that Apple doesn't sell it as a separate product now...

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