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Version 3.1
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Compatibility RTGS-XMacOS X UB
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Updated On Jul 14, 2011
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Real-Time Granular Synthesizer

RTGS-X is a Real-Time Granular Synthesizer that can be used to generate brand new sounds or to manipulate and distort existing sounds. It is very useful in generating dense sonic textures, which can evolve quickly or over long periods, to create alien soundscapes. It is also useful for creating short sound effects or sonic motives, which could be used in musical or theatrical situations. One of the most interesting applications of granular synthesis is the manipulation of existing sound through temporal distortion (time stretching, compression, reversal, and fragmentation).
RTGS3 requires a Mac PPC or Intel machine running OS X 10.4.11 or later with 1 GB RAM (2 GB or more recommended) and QuickTime 7.1 or later installed.
RTGS-X RTGS-X v 3.1 Jul 14, 2011 MacOS X UB
New main interface window design integrates (almost) all the controls into a single window (no more floating windows or menu commands).

New slider interface design, including integration of both the position and randomness setting into a single slider, and new keyboard shortcuts for quicker access to extra features.

Larger Buffer window allows for more detailed selection and scrubbing possibilites.

Added a setting for Microtonal Resolution to the Transposition Slider.

New Presets Morph slider lets you interpolate (morph) between stored settings.

Added a 2D Grain Envelope slider which provides more detailed control over the grain envelope shape.

Added 2D Amplitude Curve and Pan Scaling sliders which provide more flexibility and control for the grain amplitude and panning settings.

New Transposition Range pop-up menu lets you set the maximum range of the Transposition Slider from 1 to 8 octaves.

Added multiple Delays and Filters effects, as well as 2 more VST inserts including wet/dry faders.

Added the Open Sound Control protocol, giving access to a wide variety of external OSC devices for use as controllers.

Added the Game Controller protocol, giving access to a wide variety of USB devices for use as controllers.

Added a "Listen…" button to the MIDI Controller window, enabling quicker setup of MIDI devices.

Added a View Data toggle which lets you monitor all your controller data in a single window.
LowNorth RTGS-X RTGS-X v 2.4 Feb 10, 2008 MacOS X UB
New features include a video controller which lets you control slider movements with a webcam or the built-in iSight, and some extra options to the little-known "Smoother Buffer Scrub" menu command. It also includes some minor changes which make it run a little smoother in Leopard (OSX10.5)
granular RTGS-X v 1.0 Jan 23, 2004 MacOS X PPC
Mac OS X support

Interface enhancements :
  • Much more information is displayed about the slider's current position and range.

  • Range bars are now clickable, allowing for precise adjustment of all granular parameters.

  • Option-clicking a slider enables high-precision mouse dragging.

  • Control-clicking a slider centres it.

  • Controller setup has been collected into a single window, giving the user a much better overview of the current settings.

  • User can now click and drag on a sample's waveform to scrub through the buffer.

  • Conforms to Apple's aqua user interface guidelines.

  • Performance enhancements:
  • Up to 96 voices available, depending on your cpu speed.

  • A performance slider, allowing the user to adjust how much cpu time RTGS-X can take over.

  • A window to monitor your voice and cpu usage.

  • Larger buffer size than previous versions (10 seconds).

  • New features:
  • New preferences window: draw your own grain envelope ; extended audio driver options ; choose your preferred output soundfile format

  • Extended buffers window, with clickable waveforms and basic edit functions.

  • New controller option: Random Steps.

  • Dynamic panning curves for individual grains.

  • Adjustable amplitude values for individual grains (linear or exponential scaling).

  • Dry audio output, available in both buffer and streaming modes.

  • Extensive pop-up tooltips as well as on-line help windows.

  • Graphic slider control now uses breakpoint envelopes for more accuracy.
  • LowNorth
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    Loopy C
    version 3.1, MacOS X UB
    Nice to see this get an update and facelift, still one of my favorite granular devices ;-)
    Loopy C
    version 2.4, MacOS X UB
    Well all this time later and I still find myself marveling at the unique possibilities and usefulness of RTGS-X...well done again LowNorth and thanks for the update ;-)
    Loopy C
    Since the first OSX release, I have thought this to be one of the best sounding and musically useful implementations of granular synthesis (and I own most of them). With this version, the options are expanded and the bar raised for how granular synthesis can be applied to audio with compositional control. A Happy owner! (be sure to check out Time Toy 3 Extreme for more quality algorithms from this author).
    Highly creating sound application, it can take some times before you realised the possibilities but when you got them you are taken.
    Works fine on both my G4 computers.
    version 1.3, MacOS X PPC
    Crashes on me right after launch.
    version 2.4, MacOS X UB
    Ce soft est un petit bijou d'inventivité, extrêmement musical - et son créateur un brillant scripteur/sound artist : foncez !

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