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Version 3.1
Format App
Compatibility RondoMacOS X UB
License Commercial Software
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Updated On Sep 27, 2011
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MIDI player

Rondo has been designed from the ground up to be simple, uncluttered and easy to use. Rondo has many innovative features including a vertical piano roll with live scrolling and a pull down playhead with a piano that will play along with the music.

In Rondo, notes play as they scroll under the movable playhead and because this piano is horizontal, it is easy to see what notes are about to play! This feature, combined with per column track filtering and the ability to slow down a piece of music makes Rondo an ideal practice environment for students and hobbyist alike. Other features include a full set of looping controls and an easy and intuitive method of viewing different types of midi data.
Mac OS X 10.4 or later Power PC G4 or Intel Mac
Rondo Rondo v 3.1 Sep 27, 2011 MacOS X UB
  • A minor update to fix an audio incompatibility with OS X 10.7 'Lion'.

  • The library now has a search function.

  • New Exporting options include a tool to transpose a MIDI file upto +/- 2 Octaves and remap MIDI channels. Individual channels can also be excluded.
  • FracturedSoftware Rondo Rondo v 2009r2 Sep 2, 2009 MacOS X UB
    # minor update to fix an audio incompatability with OS X 10.6 'Snow Leopard'.
    # The '+' and '-' keys to adjust the rate now work with extended keyboards.
    # Known Issue - There is a minor visual glitch on the window, where the title bar and toolbar have a slightly different color tone. Possibly due to changes in gamma between OS X version 10.5 and 10.6.
    FracturedSoftware Rondo v 2009r1b1 Apr 8, 2009 MacOS X UB
    * The font size in the Library views can be changed via the Preferences dialog.
    * The Library playlist view now has a contextual menu with a number of commands such as finding a file on disk, creating a new playlist from the selection, selecting duplicates or 'lost' files etc.
    * A playlist selection can now be copied and pasted into another application such as Text Edit or a word processor.
    * Playlists can now be printed. The font size used for printing is the same as for display. The contextual menu mentioned above can also show where the page breaks will be.
    * When importing files into the library, if duplicates are detected a dialog will appear asking how they should be handled. They can be ignored, added as usual, or the files location can be updated in the database. This last method makes it easy to relocate files after moving Rondo to a new computer or hard drive. See the help file for more info.
    * Exported files can now be made more General MIDI compatible by removing bank change and system Exclusive events. This may make GS and XG files play better in Rondo.
    * Fixed a bug in the Song Info sheet that gave incorrect counts for some meta events.
    piano Rondo v 2.8.1 Oct 8, 2008 MacOS X UB
    Fixed a bug which prevented the destination being saved between sessions
    features Rondo v 2.8 Oct 2, 2008 MacOS X UB
  • All piano columns can now be set to show a full width piano rather than the minimum required to display a file

  • An absolute rate preference allows you to specify the tempo in BPM rather than as a percentage of the original rate

  • Help is now integrated into the application rather than a seperate PDF

  • There are a number of small interface improvements including proper buttons to change views

  • The mousewheel now scrolls all listboxes and PageUp/PageDown now works in most listboxes

  • Fixed a bug that prevented some MIDI files made with Finale from opening
  • playhead Rondo v 2.7 Jan 10, 2008 MacOS X UB
  • Added some basic MIDI file exporting options

  • There is now a midiTicks display mode to show ellapsed, remaining and total midiTicks for a file

  • You can now drag a file from the finder to the piano roll viewer to load it into Rondo

  • Columns set to show visual tracks now have an eye indicator so they are easy to recognize

  • When the sequence is at the beginning the position is offset slightly to make it easier to inspect events right at the beginning of the file

  • Playlist columns are now sortable

  • The number of items in a playlist is now shown

  • Two 'user' text fields have been added to the library. The fields can be renamed via the Preferences.Library panel

  • The selected output device can now be saved between launches

  • Added a preference to send a GM Reset after each file has loaded

  • Esc key now closes both About and Preferences windows

  • Added "Begin Playing after Opening" preference so song starts playing as soon as its loaded from Open Dialog

  • Added preference to show note names on the white keys of pianos
  • music Rondo v 2.5 Mar 14, 2007 MacOS X UB
    This latest version of Rondo is now a Universal Binary and includes an updated look, more realistic pianos, note scrubbing, scroll wheel support, playlist folders and drag & drop support in the music library.
    notes Rondo v 2.0 Aug 11, 2006 MacOS X PPC
    This latest version of Rondo now includes several larger pianos and a Midi library with playlists to help you store, organize and play your MIDI files.
    download Rondo v 1.2 Aug 23, 2005 MacOS X PPC
    Channel colors can now be modified via a new preferences panel. Some other colors such as staff background etc. can also be altered. A Show Song Info dialog in the file menu shows information on the number of events and their types. This can be filtered by track to see what sort of events are in each track. Several new menu items have been added including Select All, Select None, Select Section, Go to Section, Play Section and a Recent Items menu that will display your last 10 songs. Different meta and system message types can also now be displayed in their own column.

    The filter panel has been upgraded with separate audio and column filtering. Each column of midi data starts out being linked to the audio and will display the current audio filter settings. Individual columns can however be 'unlinked' from the audio and display its midi data filtered differently. This will be very useful for users who wish to follow the music by playing along. Simply mute the particular track you wish to play using the audio filters and solo a column using its column filter. To help with this there is a new solo column and the original play column can now be toggled between play and mute using a contextual menu.

    Finally, a Check for new version preference can be set to automatically check for new versions of Rondo. Registered users can also opt to be informed of new preview and beta versions of Rondo when they become available.
    mac Rondo v 0.85b Nov 19, 2004 MacOS X PPC
    [NEW] - Proper application icon
    [NEW] - Pitchbend, Channel Pressure, Poly Pressure and Control Change columns are now implemented. Also modify column menu
    [NEW] - Zoom in and zoom out via up and down arrow
    [NEW] - Preferences panel
    [NEW] - Proper cursors when dragging and resizing columns or the playhead
    [NEW] - Position of the playhead is saved when hidden
    [NEW] - Rondo can be started up and files opened by dragging on the Rondo icon in the finder. Supported file extensions are: .mid .midi .rmi .kar(karaoke) and smf

    [CHG] - Music now keeps playing when you change the rate unless you switch it off in the preferences panel
    [CHG] - Rate and scale sliders are now at the top. Many people asked that the rate slider be moved as is was often confused with a volume slider:-) The scale slider was moved so that the scale could be changed with the filter panel closed

    [FIX] - Memory leaks when resizing columns
    [FIX] - Occasional stuck notes when playing stops (with external device). This still happens sometimes
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