Category Audio Production / Audio Editors & Recorder
Version 2.1
Format App
Compatibility AudioSculptMacOS X PPC
License Commercial Software
Price $268  /  250€
3.8 / 5 , 6 votes
Updated On Apr 12, 2004
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Sound design

AudioSculpt takes a visual approach to modifying a sound file. After an analysis phase, the user modifies directly the result of the analysis using only the mouse in order to apply the desired changes to the sound. The main types of sound modification are : filtering, cross synthesis and dilation or compression of time.
AudioSculpt is based on a vocoder analysis/synthesis engine called SuperVP (for Super Phase Vocoder )which provides the means for doing transposition, time-scale modification, cross synthesis, analysis modules, etc. AudioSculpt is the intuitive interface that allows access to SuperVP.
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version 2.1, MacOS X PPC
55 haerrededet
version 2.1, MacOS X PPC
version 2.1, MacOS X PPC
Is a complet soft for analysis
version 2.1, MacOS X PPC
Trop compliqué, perte de l'inspiration à force de chercher et modeler
version 2.1, MacOS X PPC
Des possibilités de synthèse/resynthèse énormes... pour qui arrire a s'en servir.
version 1.2, MacOS 9
Bien !

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