Ugly VSTi Interface

Category Audio Production / Plug-Ins Hosts
Version 0.5
Format App
Compatibility Ugly VSTi InterfaceMacOS X UB
License Freeware
Price Free
Updated On Mar 26, 2014
Total Downloads 3,985
Mac Downloads 3,985

VSTi Host

Ugly VSTi Interface is an host application for VSTi plug-ins. It loads one VSTi at a time, and no effects, but it's intuitive and stable.
Ugly VSTi Interface Ugly VSTi Interface v 0.5 Mar 26, 2014 MacOS X UB
  • Now remembers your MIDI input device of choice (plus MIDI channel and Program Change block/pass setting)

  • Added "hold" button for onscreen keyboard

  • The Ugly can now be launched by double-clicking a VST file (requires changing VST's "Open With" Info in Finder)

  • MIDI channel of incoming notes are now passed to VSTi, rather than converting all MIDI data to channel 1. (Yay for multitimbral VSTi's.)

  • Now passes aftertouch MIDI data

  • Added Panic button (kill all hanging MIDI notes)

  • Simplified Output Options window

  • New secret feature: reload list of MIDI input devices by clicking right above the MIDI device menu

  • Awesome new ugly colors!
  • ReFuse Software Ugly VSTi Interface Ugly VSTi Interface v 0.4.1 Mar 30, 2011 MacOS X UB
    Version b0.4.1 updated to fix hanging on launch
    ReFuse Software Ugly VSTi Interface v 0.4 May 19, 2009 MacOS X UB
    The Ugly VSTi Interface has been updated to fix an issue with ReWire routing. It also now features drag-and-drop plug-in and patch loading. And, as always, a new version of the Ugly brings a new ugly color scheme!
    ReFuse Software

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