Dent du Midi

Category Audio Production / MIDI
Version 1.0
Format App
Compatibility Dent du MidiMacOS X PPC
License Freeware
Price Free
Updated On Mar 25, 2005
Total Downloads 6,947
Mac Downloads 6,947

Converts MIDI files into GarageBand files

Dent du Midi is a drag-and-drop application that takes standard MIDI files and generates AIFF containers for each track which contains note data. These AIFF container files are suitable for dropping into Apple's GarageBand application for use as loops or entire tracks. In simple terms, this application allows you to convert MIDI files into GarageBand files.

Note that as of January 2005, the ability to import MIDI files has been added in GarageBand 2.0, so the need for Dent du Midi is only for those continuing to use GarageBand 1.x, for those looking for ways to translate MIDI files originally intended for MIDI devices that do not comply with the General MIDI standard for instruments and drum patches, and for those looking to split MIDI files into separate track files.
Mac OS X 10.2.x or later GarageBand 1.x
Dent du Midi Dent du Midi v 1.0 Mar 25, 2005 MacOS X PPC
Increased maximum output length of output track data from 1MB to 4MB.
Bery Rinaldo Dent du Midi Dent du Midi v 0.9 Mar 30, 2004 MacOS X PPC
Fixed an issue with certain MIDI files where the tracks would not line up properly in GarageBand due to dummy note-on events in the original MIDI file.
Bery Rinaldo

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