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Version 2.9.6
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Compatibility MP3 TrimmerMacOS X UB
License Commercial Software
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Updated On Jan 6, 2012
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MP3 files editor

MP3 Trimmer lets you cut off portions of MP3 files, fast and easy, without re-encoding. You can then save them as new MP3's, always leaving your original files intact.
Mac OS 10.3 (or above) Power PC or Intel Mac
MP3 Trimmer MP3 Trimmer v 2.9.6 Jan 6, 2012 MacOS X UB
Another minor maintenance update. Most importantly, it takes care of the broken Version Checker.
In addition it takes care of some minor, non-critical bugs.
I'm aware of the need of a new and nicer looking website to host MP3 Trimmer, and this will be reality next year...
DeepNiner MP3 Trimmer MP3 Trimmer v 2.9.1 Jun 12, 2009 MacOS X UB
This update adds gain- and fade in/out-editing with CRC-protected MP3 files. CRC-protection is not widely used, but once in a while you might stumble upon such a file. In addition, some MP3 realtime recording devices uses CRC as default.
DeepNiner MP3 Trimmer v 2.9 May 10, 2009 MacOS X UB
The major new improvement is instant registration.
For all new users that register: From now on - registration will be sent immediately in the 'Thanks for your purchase' e-mail from Kagi. No more waiting for your serial number!
Please note that you will need version 2.9 or later to register MP3 Trimmer from now on. Of course, all previous registrations will work as before...
download MP3 Trimmer v 2.6 Feb 25, 2006 MacOS X PPC
  • Batch processing

  • Now you can process a bunch of files at once - make intro-clips from hundreds of songs, adjust gain on albums, etc. Easy to use and complete with fade- and gain-settings.

  • Improved Repair

  • Repair routines now handle seriously damaged MP3s better. In addition, MP3 Trimmer now repairs MP3s with incorrectly set emphasis bits (iTunes refuses to play such files).

  • MP3 trimmer now remembers window position between launches

  • Button for quick-swapping artist/title info in the AutoTrim window (quite common ID3-tag mistake)

  • The Find audio Silence feature was broken in the previous release. It's been repaired and should be working again...

  • (however, if you're working with mp3 files, I recommend the visual aid of the waveform display as a faster and more reliable way to find silent parts).
    mac MP3 Trimmer v 2.5.3 Dec 11, 2005 MacOS X PPC
  • Larger waveform display

  • One of the top requests since 2.5 was released has been a larger waveform display. In 2.5.3 you now have the option to enlarge it by more than 200% by just clicking on it with your mouse. Click on it again to reduce the size to normal.

  • Improved audio scrubbing

  • In addition, the much appreciated audio scrubbing feature (introduced in 2.5.2) has been improved and now also features an Auto-Loop functionality; by holding the mouse button down after moving the locator, the current location will loop.
    windows MP3 Trimmer v 2.5.2 Nov 9, 2005 MacOS X PPC
    This release takes care of some minor bugs and also re-introduces the audio scrubbing feature (which was removed in 2.5). Audio scrubbing allows you to keep listening to the music playback while dragging the locator bar.
    macintosh MP3 Trimmer v 2.5 Jul 17, 2005 MacOS X PPC
    [*new*] MP3 waveform display – As soon as the MP3 file has been imported waveform analysis begins. This is done in the background, so you can begin working with the file immediately after import.
    [*new*] Auto-Trim – The new, renamed & improved cue sheet window now supports more advanced trimming techniques
    [*new*] Fade curves now available from main window
    [*new*] Improved Audition window with built-in 'nudge-controls'
    [*new*] Basic support for MPEG-1 Layer II (aka 'MP2')
    [update] Improved MP3 Joiner with ID3 tag preservation
    [update] CRC detection more reliable now
    [update] improved time/frame accuracy
    pc MP3 Trimmer v 2.3 Jan 19, 2005 Carbon (OS 9+10)
  • Cuesheet editor improved : The ID3 genres list has been increased to support all genres in the official ID3 specs. ID3 fields now features a 'auto-complete'-feature (like iTunes). Switching between the cuesheet and main window works better now (moving the mouse to the window will select it).

  • More keyboard shortcuts added : the Audition window can now be invoked with a keyboard shortcut and operated entirely with the keyboard as well (see the help files for additional info).

  • Fine-adjust the fades : The fade-in and fade-out settings can now be controlled in steps of 0.1 secs (by holding down the Shift key).

  • Improved & repaired Update check - The Update check has been improved and repaired (an ISP relocation made the update check non-functional)

  • Unique filenames on repair files : To avoid repair files being overwritten by accident, the Repair function now creates unique filenames on the output files.

  • Some windows missing a default dismiss button have now recieved one. Using a default dismiss button makes it easier to close a window by just hitting return instead of using the mouse.

  • A text encoding bug affecting high-ASCII characters was also fixed.

  • Lots of 'under-the-hood' improvements and minor bugfixes.
  • DeepNiner
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    Lou Kash
    version 2.2.1, Carbon (OS 9+10)
    Very good. Very helpful if you have to alter MP3 files you didn't encode yourself.
    version 2.2, Carbon (OS 9+10)
    I had some audio book mp3's with one file per chapter. MP3 Trimmer's joining function was invaluable for making larger, joined files.
    version 1.1.2, Carbon (OS 9+10)
    Crashes on my system when trying to replace an existing file.
    version 2.9, MacOS X UB
    Le lien ne serait-il pas plutôt celui-ci?
    version 2.8.55, MacOS X UB
    Tres bon utilitaire... mais quel dommage d'etre obligé d'attendre deux jours pour recevoir le n° d'utilisation, alors que j'ai payé en ligne ! C'est bien le premier logiciel qui fasse attendre ses clients comme ca...
    Simple et efficace ! parfait

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