Ambroise CHARRON

iPhone/iPad Apps by Ambroise CHARRON

Bassoonreeds is an application that tells you the areas to be scraping on your bassoon reed to improve it and a database for scraping reeds of the user. Retina...
Maqam is an application that allows you to have permanently in your pocket the maqam notation system (ajnas and maqam) used in traditional Arabic music. Retina...
With Old Diapason, you can have in your pocket the 5 most used tuning forks: A3 392 Hz, A3 415 Hz, A3 421 Hz, A3 430 Hz and A3 440 Hz. Retina display compatible,...
Tin Whistle allows you to have in your pocket the main fingerings for the Irish flute. Retina Display compatible.
Ukulele Practice includes the 144 main chords of the ukulele, a metronome and a tuner.
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