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Analogic Delay
Delay. This plug-in mimicks the tape delay in Logic Audio. I created it on request from a friend who switched to another sequencer software after Logic's...
Bionic Delay
Delay. This enhanced version of the Analogic Delay gives you separate control over the delay times on left and right channel. suitable for ping pong delays and drifting...
Dub Siren
Substractive synth. This one is for all the Dub and Reggae people out there. It emulates the sounds of the self-made siren units used by Sound Systems like Jah Shaka, Aba Shanti and...
Delay. This plug-in was built for a live performance at the Bazillus Club in Zurich. It features a tap tempo function which makes it easy to create echoes that fit the...
Multi delay. Multi delay plugin capable of stereo delays, ping pong delays, multitap delays and complex delay textures.
Night Flight
Analogue string ensemble. “Night Flight” is a VSTi plug-in for the Windows platform emulating the analogue string ensemble keyboards invented in the early seventies. String machines have...
Tape Delay
Tape delay. Tape delay from the DUB SIREN available as a separate plug-in.
Twin Bass
Bass Synthesizer. VSTi Bass Synthesizer with a double filter architecture allowing to create rich mid-range bass textures together with a solid sub bass foundation. Also...
Wow and flutter
Tape effect. A VST plug-in which emulates the playback speed imperfections of the pre-digital era. - playback speed is modulated in realtime by up to six oscillators -...
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