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Software by GTG Synths

Poly synth. Polysynth with two oscillators, two LFO`s (one sync`ed to host tempo), a stereo chorus and a stereo delay. 8 voice polyphonic. Synth with warm and phat sound
GTG NR2010
Synthesizer. Made mainly for personal use. A good old analog polysynth with a 24dB filter, snappy envelopes and nice mod effects.
Analog synth. GTG JP7A : 6 voice analog synth. 24 dB filter with LP,HP and BP settings. Osc sync and pitch envelope. Mono mode with 4 key priority choices. Pitch bender with 3...
kwop 7
Analog synth. Kwop 7 : By request of a few users, a synth that reminds of a wellknown hardware-model from the early 80`s.
Organ module. Organ Module with drawbars, key click and two percussion switches. MIDI Automation and a stereo Modulation effect.
Drumsynth. Drumsynth Kraftwerk style with multiple outputs. Pitch - Decay and Mod controlls of individual drums. 
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