Free VSTi synthetizers and free musics

Software by B.Serrano

MIDI CC XY pad controler. AXYs is a XY MIDI controller for VST plugins. You can assign X and Y axis to multiples parameters with differents ranges.
Filters. An advanced version of Vesta filter: - 3 layers filtering - Each layer can be LP, HP, BP, Off, Bypass - Each layer got it own curve response that act like...
Cosmos XT
Phase Distortion synth. Extended version of Cosmos virtual synth
Synthesizer. 16 voices polyphonic Substractive, FM and additive synthesis Full MDI learn implementation Envelope & LFO Host syncable 32 steps graphic sequencer Many filters...
Eclipse 2
Hybrid synth. 2 LFOs, 1 24db filter, 1 amp ADSR and 1 oscillator with envelope modulation and octave switch.
Substractive synth. Substractive synth featuring 2 VCOs with sync, 2 LFOs, 1 envelope, 1 resonant filter, 1 Ring Modulator and a Modulation Matrix.
4 bands resonator. 4 parallels multimodes filters (LP, HP, BP, Notch). 4 LFO host syncable. Stereo balance on each filter output.
Hybrid synth. Nucleus features : 1 SoundFont, 1 LFO , 1 multimode filter, 1 amp ADSR, 1 Ring modulator, 1 noise oscillator.
Osiris XT
Hybrid synth. Hybrid synth with one soundfont as oscillator, 1 noise oscillator, 2 LFOs, 1 multimode resonant filter, 1 amp ADSR and 1 Ring modulator.
Analogue-substractive synth. 4 oscillators - 2 LFOs- 3 envelopes - 2 parallel filters - 1 FM ring modulator.
Multi-effects. Pitch shifter / delay / phaser / chorus... according TO your settings! Don't hesitate to tweak all parameters, Red Shift will TAKE YOU BY SURPRISE... For...
Analogue-substractive synth. 2 VCOs, 1 LFO, 1 envelope, 1 resonant LPF , monophonic.
FM synth. 2 modulators, 3 carriers with envelopes, 2 LFOs with step-level, 1 amp ADSR.
Filters. - 3 layers filtering - Each layer can be LP, HP, BP, Off, Bypass - Each layer got it own curve response that act like "spread / separation" - Layers audio...
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