CodeOperator is a small company developing audio related utilities and plugins. Their first product is The *PlugAdmin*.

Software by CodeOperator

Package a 5 modulation plug-ins. COModPack is a package of 5 modulation Plug-Ins for VST, AU and RTAS, using the pluggo plattform from cycling74. Version 1.0 includes: COPhaser - a 24 stages...
Usefull Delay Plugins for Mac OS X and Windows.. DelayPack is a Package with very usefull DelayPlugins for Mac OS X and Windows. DelayPack is made with Pluggo-MAX/MSP from cycling74. You need to install the...
Administration of Audio Plug-Ins. PlugAdmin is designed to administrate all types of audio plugins on your computer. Features: - Administration of AudioUnits (can be turned on and off) -...
PlugAdmin Pro
Plug-ins administration. The number of plugins installed on computers is increasing rapidly. It occurs often that a plugin runs smoothly with one host software, but causes problems with...
URSonic Reverb Bundle
A bundle of reverb plugins. The URSonic Reverb Bundle includes two reverb plugins - IIR-Reverb The IIR Reverb uses an algorithm that creates realistic room effects. Creating...
URSonic Series IIR-Reverb
Reverb effect. IIR-Reverb is a very colorfull reverb with a high density. IR-Reverb comes with a 5 Band full Parametric Graphical based Equaliser that you can edit the reverb...
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