Founded in June 2004, Neuromixer offers innovative software solutions for live performance visual artists and musicians. Founded by James Cui, AKA VJ Fader, these new VJ tools allow you to express yourself freely through real-time interactive video and sound. The signature products are Neuromixer Pro, a DJ-style audio video mixer with effects, and Neuromixer Vdrum, an audio-visual step sequencer and drum machine. They feature an intuitive user interface and turntable-style video scratching systems.

Software by Neuromixer

Audio / video step sequencer. AVdrum is an audio video step sequencer and drum machine. You have the ability to switch audio or video of a movie clip On/ Off in realtime to compose AV...
AVmixer Pro
DJ-style audio-video mixer. AVmixer Pro is a DJ-style audio-vidéo mixer with effects. With AVmixer Pro, you can change playback speed, select playback range, set cue points, play forward...
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