Livid Instruments

Livid is a multimedia systems and software company serving the media, entertainment, arts, and presentation industries. Livid is committed to developing powerful, easy-to-use tools that allow for greater flexibility and cost efficiency. Hand crafted in Austin, TX since 2004.

Software by Livid Instruments

Batch Export Utility
Video file converter. Simple program for recompressing and resizing a folder of quicktime media to a different format. Many live video applications perform best with a low-cpu...
Playback and performance of real-time video, images, and sounds. Cell is designed for easy playback and performance of real-time video, images, and sounds. A simple drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to playback images,...
Cell DNA
Interactive performance of video, images, and sounds. Cell DNA is designed for interactive performance of video, images, and sounds. The intuitive interface makes it ideal for mixing video, images, and sound in...
Livid Looper
Audio looper/player. Livid Looper is an audio looper/player with the following features : • Up to six files loaded in each looper for quick recall and playback • Loop...
Real-Time Video Performer. Union transforms your computer into an all-in-one live video-mixing studio with hundreds of effects, live video inputs, and complete MIDI integration just to...
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