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Ron Miller's home page : composer, pianist, teacher, and Mac OS X music shareware developper

Software by Ron Miller

Bass accompaniment. BassThing is a compact graphics-oriented application that is being developed for the Pop/Jazz improvisor that creates drum and bass accompaniment to be used as a...
Drum machine. DrumThing is a compact and simple application designed be a software version of a drum machine for creating drum patterns, loops and grooves.
Modal Ear
Ear trainer. EarTrainer X is an educational application that was designed for the composer/improvisor in need of increased skills in the aural identification of modal melodic...
Patterns generator. Patterns X is the software equivalent to the much acclaimed book "Patterns For Jazz" by Jerry Coker et al. An infinite number of melodic shapes and patterns are...
Pitch 'n' click
Metronome and pitch generator. This is a small but useful app that is a software metronome with an additional pitch generator for reference. Designed to assist in transcribing when a piano or...
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