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Software by Arvid Tomayko-Peters

Simple 8 channel input meter for quick reference. A simple standalone 8 channel input meter for quick reference with headroom and clip displays. Made to be seen from across the room. Also measures...
Software to drill you on your musical intervals. An easy but sophisticated and flexible way to practice ear training for improved aural skills. Features: Uses MIDI to play notes, allowing you to use any...
Maestro Frankenstein
Create music from geologic or other timeseries data. Have you ever wondered what climate cycles of the last million years SOUND like? What would happen if you turned tide level data into sound waves? If geological...
Squid Delays
A pair of simple, utilitarian delay plugins for Pluggo. A pair of simple, utilitarian delay plugins for use in Cycling '74's Pluggo environment - compatible with AudioUnit, VST and RTAS hosts. Created because all...
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