Sonic Studio

Sonic Studio is the premier manufacturer of ultra–fidelity digital audio systems. Sonic Studio’s Emmy award–winning NoNOISE II suite is the leading audio restoration toolset while the soundBlade products for Red and Scarlet Book premastering define the state of the art. Since the early 1980s, Sonic Studio workstations have been used worldwide by motion picture and recording studios, major record labels and high end mastering facilities. Also known as Sonic Solutions

Software by Sonic Studio

Amarra MINI
Ultrafidelity Virtual Playback Deck. Amarra MINI, from Sonic Studio, is the audiophile quality computer music player for the most discriminating musicians. Designed using the same technology in use...
Noise Reduction/Audio Restoration. The processors in NoNOISE include TDM and AudioSuite plug-ins that perform the following functions: - Broadband Noise (hiss) Removal - Manual and Production...
PreMaster CD
Stereo Editor & CD/DDP Prep with optional NoNOISE II. CDs are great for distribution but are not ideal for use as replication masters. That's why PreMaster CD provides a better way to hand off your hard won work for...
SonicStudio HD
The original digital audio workstation. The SonicStudio product line is comprised of the flagship HD high resolution PCM audio production and mastering workstation and attendant hardware and software...
Digital Audio Workstation. SoundBlade is a general purpose production tool, designed to record, edit, process, restore and deliver audio on CD, DDP or as AIFF, WAV or BWF files for further...
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