Flexatone h.f.p.

Flexatone h.f.p. is the composition/sound design front of composer Christopher Ariza. This site provides free downloads of mp3 and ogg audio files of concert and consumable music, as well as information about the music, music research, music software, and interactive systems. Most softare available on this site is either free or open source.

Software by Flexatone h.f.p.

Music analysis and algorithmic composition. AthenaCL is a modular, object orientated, interactive command-line environment for music analysis and algorithmic composition. Scores are created in Csound as...
Additive synthesizer. A simple additive synthesizer with variable envelope and individual control of each harmonic's amplitude and phase
Analyser. A graphic tool for frequency and dynamic range analysis and estimation.
Drone generator. An endless, polyphonic drone synthesizer with variable waveforms, dynamic low-pass filters, microtonal tuning, and a random parameter generator.
FM synthesis. A simple interface for working with FM synthesis and recording the results as a new audio file. Includes frequency modulation synthesizer with variable envelope,...
Noise generator. A simple interface for working with noise and recording the results as a new audio file. Includes a noise generator with variable envelope, frequency driven...
Sample loop player. A simple interface to modify playback of samples and record the results as a new audio file. Includes a sample loop player with variable envelope, playback...
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