Author of the following software for OSX: MpcPgmMaker to make Akai mpc's 'PGM' files on your Macintosh and Dr.Betotte, a metronome software.

Software by Seishu

Dr. Betotte
Metronome. Multi divisions programable metronome/beat-box program, create any kind of complicated rhythms for practicing your instruments. Features • 6 sliders...
Synthetizer. "microSynth" is a standalone software synthesizer with multi track sequencing capability.  It uses your Macintosh's keyboard as an input device, so you can play...
Make akai mpc's PMG files. This software allows you to make akai mpc's 'PGM' files on your Macintosh.  It also can play and convert 'SND' files. - Read and write MPC2000(XL) &...
Drum machine. RS-16X is a sequence & song style standalone drum machine program for Macintosh platform. With the virtual controller pads, you can create drum tracks without...

iPhone/iPad Apps by Seishu

Supper accurate multi division programmable metronome—Almost any kind of complex rhythms can be built up easily with six independent note divisions in...
Supper accurate multi division metronome program. 5 volume sliders and mute buttons to control quarter, 8th, 16th, triplet and beat note sounds.
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