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A virtual improvising pianist. A virtual improvising pianist
A stereo imaging tool for mac. Traditionally, the music software industry has approached stereo (and most recently "surround") sound by its data [as a grouping of mono channels or "tracks"]...
Tuner. Fork is an equal-tempered tuner features : - real-time pitch analysis of internal sound input in range a1 to a6 (44.1 to 1760 cps) - led-style input level...
A free VST plugin to re-image stereo audio streams. It is easiest to think of the 3 modifying parameters to imager in terms of a pair of microphones setup facing each other at a 90 degree angle as in a blumlein...

iPhone/iPad Apps by Sonomatics

Fifty years ago, Terry Riley essentially launched the Minimalism movement with the premiere of "In C”, influencing iconic composers like Philip Glass, Steve...
MIDI Sliders is a free iPad app that sends MIDI control messages via USB (connected through the Camera Connector) or to a Mac via WiFi. A simple, intuitive...
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