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Vintage electronic studio simulation. Between the 1950s and the mid 1960s, long before Robert Moog and Wendy Carlos injected electronics into pop-music (with a few exceptions like the Barrons and...
Spectral delay + granular synthesis. Cosmo is a custom made plugin (works with free Pluggo Runtime under OS9) for Teradélie, a very talented French Singer/Composer. The first stage of the plug is a...
Ambient music generator. Endless is a generative software that will play on your computer endless everchanging ambient music. It is a very simple application and you don't have to be...
Sound design and glitch music authoring suite. GLEETCHLAB 2 is the enhanced version of previous GLEETCHLAB 1, released in June 2005. It is a simple yet powerfull sound design suite capable of many realtime...
Free plug-ins bundle. Free MAC plug-ins bundle This bundle includes: - D-Rive : an overdrive simulator. - Sonic reducer : a sample and bit reducer and multi-mode 2 pole filter....
Real-time 5 stereo tracks editor. MiniTAPE is brand new stand-alone application for MacOS9.x from GLEETCHPLUG design. Basically it is a tool for live applications: a real-time 5 stereo tracks...
øM Generative Ambient Music Player / Meditation Aid. øM is a Generative music player. The player self generates ambient music wich changes each time you listen it. This means that every time you'll listen to øM...
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