Manufacturer of softwares which modify and process sound files: Sandbox, Slycer.

Software by Sineqube

Audio manipulation + synth. Amoeba adds to the sineqube library yet another set of methods for audio manipulation. This time, the trick of the day is amoeba's unique 'swirling' technique....
Real time loop player. Futhering the sonic possibilities of real-time audio file permutation, ivy offers speed and pitch modulation, randomized loop-point triggering, and built-in...
Physical modeling synthesizer. Kapling is a simple little standalone physical modeling synthesizer application for Mac OS X built with Max/MSP 5. It is based on the Karplus-Strong algorithm....
Generative Sample Player. Petri is a sample player that generates its own sequences and selects up to eight random samples from a folder of your choosing. It was designed to create...
Modulates 2 audio files. Sandbox can modulate separately 2 audio files in 2 modulation sources including sine waves and FM synthesis.
Real-time audio file remixing, with randomization features. Sapling is a freeware standalone sound-mangling application designed for both live use and studio work. It can be used to remix up to four audio files...
Manipulate Audio Pitch & Time in Real-time. Slycer is a standalone, mac-only application that can randomly alter the playback speed and length of audio files for studio work and live performance. Granular...
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