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Celemony is a German music software manufacturer, best known for its innovative audio software... Makers of Melodyne, an audio sequencer heavly using time streching and pitch shifting.

Software by Celemony Software

Wow and flutter removal. Capstan is capable of removing wow and flutter from musical recordings – whether on tape, compact cassette, wax, shellac or vinyl. Capstan detects wow and...
Melodyne assistant
Monophonic or rhythmic audio material correction. Melodyne assistant is the most affordable point of entry into the incomparable world of Melodyne. Correct and optimize monophonic or rhythmic audio material in...
Melodyne editor
Pitch / time correction and more. Melodyne editor is the first Celemony product to offer the revolutionary Direct Note Access technology. This makes possible what had previously been considered...
Melodyne Studio
Edit pitch, timing, phrasing and formants of audio files. Melodyne is a programme that allows a completely new approach to the handling of audio material. It analyzes the pitch and time of monophonic audio files (from,...
Melodyne Uno
Edit the pitch, timing, phrasing and formants of an audio file. Melodyne uno offers you the celebrated Melodyne technology in the most compact and affordable format. Melodyne uno dispenses with the multi-track Arrange window...
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