Digital software synthesizers and samplers, software piano and percussion modules...

Software by BitHeadz

Loop Composition Software. Phrazer is the ultimate solution for loop based composition and arranging. Whether you want to sync it up to your sequencer, create a soundtrack to your home...
Phrazer LE
Loop Composition Software. Phrazer LE is essentially a "lite" version of the full Phrazer version. The new program is a stand-alone application that has an 8 track limit and approximately...
Retro AS-1
Analog sound synthesizer. Retro AS-1 is a software synthesizer that can recreate the sounds of all the classic analog synthesizers or create new soundscapes of your own from scratch with...
Unity DS-1
Digital sampler. Built in recording and editing capabilities make Unity DS-1 a true sampler. Features an on-board digital audio editor, two stereo effects processors, and the...
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