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Cool programs including: Melody Assistant, Harmony Assistant, Virtual Singer, OMeR, Melody PLayer, Awale, Sapiens, Backer.

Software by Myriad Software

Harmony Assistant
Arranger and Score Editor. Harmony Assistant is an software for computer-assisted music composition and editing. Its harmonizing capabilities enable the composer to build quickly and...
Melody Assistant
Writing and Composing Music. Melody Assistant is a program for writing and composing music, with a friendly interface and many powerful features, is a lite version of Harmony Assistant.
Melody Player
Player of MIDI, MOD and S3M Files. Melody Player is a little program for playing music files created with Harmony or Melody Assistant, as well as Midi, MOD and S3M files. Melody player includes...
Printed Music recognition. OMeR is the printed music recognition add-on for Melody Assistant or Harmony Assistant. Insert a printed page of music in your scanner, launch OMeR, and edit...
Play score files in PDF format. You often download score files in PDF format from the Internet, and you'd wish to hear them? You'd want to hear the Soprano part from the score your choir...
PDFtoMusic Pro
Convert PDF score files. The scores you created with your old score editor are no more compatible with the new one? You own scores in PDF format, and you'd want to modify them with...
Virtual Singer
Make Your Computer Sing. Virtual Singer is an additional module for Melody Assistant or Harmony Assistant. Virtual Singer will make your computer sing : it will generate human voice to...
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