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Boz Digital Labs creates professional audio plugins with one goal in mind: make solutions to problems. Located in the heart of central California, surrounded by vineyards and cows, we are dedicated to researching new and innovative algorithms and solutions to make music production both easier and more inspiring.

Software by Boz Digital Labs

Bark of Dog
Bass resonance filter. Bark of Dog is a bass resonance filter that lets you increase your low end without turning up the flab. I like to think of it as a way to boost the low end while...
Imperial Delay
Delay. Imperial Delay was designed from the beginning with two goals: Be the most powerful delay, and be easy to use. As it turns out, those two requirements tend to be...
Little Foot
Kick drum design. Little Foot is the beast child of Sasquatch Kick Machine. It is super lean and simple to use. It lets you get deep kick drums without any fuss. While it doesn’t...
Collapses low frequencies to mono. Having a nice wide stereo spread is great, expect for when we are talking about low frequencies. Mongoose fixes the wide bass problem by collapsing your low...
Stereo tool. Panipulator 2 is an update to the extremely simple and useful tool created at the request of Brandon Drury at Recording Review. It is an essential tool for...
Stereo Manipulation. Panther gives you independent control over Left and Right channels of any stereo track. You get controls for EQ, Gain, Pan and Delay. It also features Mid/Side...
Sasquatch Kick Machine
Kick drum design. Sasquatch Kick Machine gives you complete control over the sound of your kick drums. Whether you need to subtly add a little oomph or completely redesign the...
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