Professional audio plugins

Software by HASound

M/S encoder/decoder. In encoder mode MSLR converts Left/Right input to Mid/Side output. In decoder mode it converts Mid/Side input to Left/Right output. The signal routing inside...
Compressor. PComp is a universal dynamic range compressor of audio signal. Key features: - downward and upward compression modes - mode of zero time attack - can operate in...
Sample Delay
Sample delay. HASound Sample Delay can be used to delay a signal by single sample values. It can be used for correction of timing problems that may occur with multichannel...
Spring 212
Stereo expander. It can produce the effect of stereo expansion for the tracks, that will be playing on boombox. You can use this if you are sure that your tracks will be playing...
Torsion Pendulum
Saturation and distortion. HASound Torsion Pendulum is a simulator of nonlinearity. It can be used for distortion audio signal and harmonics saturation. There are two algorithms used for...
Mono to stereo audio signal converter. HASound toStereo is a simple mono to stereo audio signal converter. It helping you to breathe new life into your digital audios mono, flat and dull. You can...
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