Acidgrooves offers state of the art Audio Plug-Ins for Mac or PC, AU & VST, 32 & 64 bits

Software by Acidgrooves

Multi-effects. The LSD-611 The Kali is a unique creative tool which provides everything from equalization, saturation, distortion, and funky filter-powered effects. Specs -...
Amplifier and Parallel EQ. The LSD-525 was originally built by our team to be used along virtual synthesizers, which often need extra punch and warmth. It's full range of amplification and...
Orange Krush
Distortion Processor. The Orange Krush was designed for easy sonic destruction, everything from warm saturation to totally crushing overdrive can be generated. Specs - Distortion...
The Protector
Limiting Compressor. The Protector is a limiting compressor designed to provide with you with an easy way of controlling the maximum output level of any channel. Specs - Brickwall...
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