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German-engineered virtual instruments, software, and effects

Software by AIR Music Technology

Synthesizer. Developed by the Digidesign® Advanced Instrument Research group, Hybrid is a high-definition software synthesizer for Pro Tools® systems that combines the warmth...
Modular additive synthesizer. By combining additive synthesis with an innovative modular approach, Loom retains the power of additive synthesis while providing a user-friendly interface with...
Virtual drummer. Strike is a new RTAS instrument plug-in that makes it easy to create, control, and produce professional drum performances in Pro Tools® with uncanny realism. One...
Sampler. Developed by the acclaimed Digidesign® Advanced Instrument Research (A.I.R.) group and optimized exclusively for Pro Tools®, Structure is a powerful RTAS®...
Real-time loop, phrase, and groove creation. Digidesign® Transfuser is an innovative, real-time loop, phrase, and groove creation RTAS® workstation for Pro Tools® that allows you to quickly and easily...
Vacuum Pro
Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer. Vacuum Pro is a polyphonic, vintage-style, analog-inspired virtual instrument. Based on the original Vacuum instrument, found in the Creative Collection included...
Virtual electric pianos. Developed by the Digidesign® Advanced Instrument Research (A.I.R.) group, Velvet is a powerful new RTAS® instrument plug-in that delivers highly realistic...
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