7AIR Music for Advertising, Film TV and Games.

Software by 7air

Compressor. Beautifully designed with analogue VU meters and dimpled metal background. Designed specifically for tracking though it can be used in the master bus chain. I...
Reverb - compressor. A new and improved interface with reverb and compression, this new effect plugin is again designed primarily for drums, but can be used also for tracking any...
Dub Delay
Delay. A very simple but effective echo delay vsti. Fab sounding & versatile, great for vocals and drum percussion. The JM7 is a Free but highly respected delay unit.
Dual Delay. A VSTi plugin designed by our everpresent engineer RDM. The ZA8 Dual-Delay plugin is windows only @ the moment, it is more cpu friendly than the Dub Delay and...
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