Bluenoise Plugins

Bluenoise Plugins is based in Norway and the creator and owner is Bjarte Ludvigsen who is a long time recording engineer, producer and drummer.

Software by Bluenoise Plugins

Tape echo. Bandecho is a plugin modelled after vintage tape echoes like Roland Space Echo and Watkins Copicat, but with several extra features making it one of the best...
Unprocessed drum tool. Drummix is a collection of acoustic drum plugins recorded at a professional recording studio with pristine equipment. The plugins comes in both a stereo and...
Moutain Echo
Vintage tape echo effect. Mountain Echo is a plugin modelled to sound like the sweet sounding vintage tape echo from the sixties. By adding a lowpass and a highpass to the chain you...
Synthesizer. Seven is a synth that has 2 oscillators, a sampler part and several filter possibilities. It is capable of lush sounding pads and bity leads.
The Upright
Virtual upright piano. The Upright is a great sounding upright piano recorded in a professional studio. The piano is great sounding Hellas. It's not the most expensive thing made but...
Virtual theremin. Theremin is a plugin modelled after the first commecial synth ever existed. It is controlled by the mouse and produces a soothing ghost howling sound.
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