The UVI Engine technology powers some of the most successful software-instruments such as Stylus, Atmosphere and Trilogy from Spectrasonics, MachFive, Electric Keys & Ethno from MOTU, and XTreme FX and Plugsound Pro from UltimateSoundBank.

Software by UVI

Hybrid instrument. Falcon is an advanced and truly unlimited hybrid instrument, bringing together an extensive collection of cutting-edge oscillators, effects, modulators and event...
Precision creative delay. An advanced creative engine housed in an intuitive and easy to use interface, Relayer represents a new benchmark for digital delay effects. Relayer was designed...
Reverberation. Easily traverse everything from natural sounding spaces to infinite, shimmering ambiences with stunning depth and fidelity throughout the entire spectrum. This...
Chorus. Thorus evolved in our pursuit of the perfect chorus algorithm. Building on a state-of-the-art chorus model combined with advancements made in the development of...
UVI Workstation
Expander / sampler. UVI Workstation is a multi-timbral instrument that provides unlimited parts, integrated effects, live performance features, and a smooth real-time workflow....

iPhone/iPad Apps by UVI

Portable Music Production Studio : create beats, compose whole tracks, sample, record, sequence, perform, mix and arrange your own music! ยป Packed with...
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